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  1. They are playing Jasper now.
  2. Which schools benefit the most or get hurts the most by the new realignment numbers! Seen Carthage and lindale both drop.
  3. https://www.facebook.com/100000137514596/videos/2632933860054505?metadata=SWhURE0oOgiVCcZ5aSTTh9h4keWDETn3+anDBBVJWjCZedfzOjMgfTkQE2F7Cif/d+3f2MpSG5B9Fctx506QQdmYF8x+SLjg&sfns=mo Here is play that would have tied game! What is the opinion
  4. Yes runner first and third 1 out.. chopper and said runner interfered on slide
  5. PG won game 1 7-4 in a pretty good game! Game 2 PG scored 1 in bottom of sixth and brownsboro scored one in top of 7th but they called an interference call on the slide at second to end the game 1-0! Tough ending, hard to make that call in that situation when their was 0% chance of making a play at first! Great 2 games and congrats to PG! Good luck rest of way!
  6. The coach named in the post is a fill in coach for the year because they have relieved previous head coach. So one would assume he just agreed to do it for the rest of year
  7. Well technically doesn’t everyone in yalls district have 2 losses so even if y’all lost last 2 games y’all would still be district champs bc y’all own tiebreaker
  8. That is nobody’s fault but the players fault... coach shouldn’t even fight for Thursday knowing that the next week they would be ineligible anyways! As a teammate I would be mad that you refuse to handle up on your business at the most important time of the year
  9. I had even heard three players, and yes I understand wanting to play early and I am sure Newton would like west rusk to be at full strength, but on other hand how many third round games are played on thursdays and do you really want to try and reward kids that have hurt the team in the most important time of the season
  10. With about 4 minutes left in first half van was down 22-21 I doubt starters were pulled..
  11. Newtons district will not be too tough this year! I believe Crockett will be down! I do believe garrison will be better but still not an elite district! Just an elite team (Newton) with mediocre teams
  12. Don't think he lasted very long at that school in Arkansas either
  13. Hasn't ennis won a state championship or two from the wing offense? You just have to know what you are doing to make adjustments and it can be successful on any level
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