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  1. I completely agree with you. I know that Coach Turner was in charge of that weight room during Coach Stine’s tenure. They won a State and National Championship in Powerlifting during that time. Stine was hard nosed and pushed those players. They were practiced hard and they played hard. Very tough teams. That’s what has lacked since Graf has been at the helm. Great guy but not one that was hard nosed for he players. The culture changed. Losing became ok. Turner could definitely be that man but that’s also why I mentioned the basketball coach, Coach Hart, from a few years ago. They were tough o
  2. Coach Turner is a outstanding man and coach. Would be a great hire. I think it’s a mutual agreement for Graf. Think he and admin both know it’s time for a change.
  3. I would like to see Redwater either Promote their DC, who would bring life back into that athletic program and bring much needed stability, or bring back the basketball coach from a few years ago that turned that program around in 2 years. From what I have heard both great men of character and rich in football knowledge. The basketball coach who left is a young guy and graduated from PG. Pretty sure he won 2 Baseball State Championships there. Could be what they need to get things at least competitive there.
  4. One question. How do you know what I said isn't fact? How can you be so sure of it? Sorry that was two questions but please do answer both.
  5. Glad you gave your opinion but what I stated were facts not opinions.
  6. Let me just say PG101 you are wrong in just about everything you say. So let me correct you so you will know just a little bit. #1 coach jones has not pressured kids to only play baseball. In fact he like the multisport athletes a little more and sees that they may can bring more to the table. So sorry you're dead wrong. And of course the other coaches would say that about jones. They didn't want him on the staff. I know the way jones operates he would not do that. #2 I'm really confused on where you're getting that coach phillips isn't a good coach. Yes he is hard on his players but
  8. I came through the pg progarm and played for davis jones and phillips. Jones and phillips are by far my favorite coaches. They both build charcter and teach the things that will help you become a better person and man. So sir you have no idea what you are talking about if you think phillips does not build character.
  9. Surat is one of his best friends. He's not a head coach. He could be a good OC but he's not a good head coach.
  10. That's the football coaches fault for not talking to them and wanting them to play. Like I said losing was ok. That's still not baseballs fault. It was same way when I was there.
  11. I didn't know winning 4 games in 3 seasons was doing good with what he had. In fact that's awful. Here another thing for you, how come the 7th and 8th grade teams win and when they get to high school they can't even compete. Tells me there being better coached in 7th and 8th grade.
  12. The baseball success had nothing to do with footballs downfall. People quit playing football because nobody on the coaching staff had the will to win. Losing was ok. They have the talent to win games just not the coaching.
  13. Phillips is the best pitching coach in the state in my opinion. Jones is the best defensive coach in the state and when you put those two together you have the formula to win championships. They went together and both knew what it took to win. No matter what anybody says pitching and defense wins championships and that's what they did in the 6 years they coached together
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