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  1. What happens if BS beats Carlisle? Hummmm... lol.! Ain't nobody in our district holding SA under 48(been there done that)Unless it's a weather game! All things being ideal all we can do is show up play our hearts out and hope for the best and it still may not be near enough.
  2. 27-19 bs win... man oh man that was ugly.
  3. Hopefully they wake up and stop making mental errors
  4. 20-13 BS takes lead again. Now hold it
  5. Yamboree week is the WORST!!! I would rather work a junior high boys basketball tournament in the concession stand than do a yamboree week again. Stingem I think ug won both jr high and jv but I'm not 100% on that. Hope the cats win tonight by 50
  6. My bad... all I know is herman preaches physicality and starts game with 3 passes
  7. Good thing ou doesn't have their 2 starting tackles and tight end... defense finally feeling the effects of playing against the wall ALL day.
  8. Ou doing the patriot way interference every play cause they won't call it every time
  9. Has texas started more than 2 possessions past the 20
  10. If your oline is supposedly tour best unit let them enforce their will.... this swing pass offense is annoying
  11. Oline looks like line from 4 years ago and part is play calling line up and punch them in the mouth
  12. Not saying he was bad by any stretch he was playing to the echo of the whistle and got caught. It wasn't malicious or anything just got caught up in the play. The block in the back was being a little aggressive and was a bang bang deal and the ref was looking at it.. he gathered his composer and played a great game the rest of the way. He stuck his nose in everything I enjoyed watching him play hard as heck I mean no disrespect at all.
  13. I hate to say it but 21 had like a neon sign on him he finally settled down and played a very good 2nd half and last 2 minutes. He was the culprit on several times.
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