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  1. I hate to say it but 21 had like a neon sign on him he finally settled down and played a very good 2nd half and last 2 minutes. He was the culprit on several times.
  2. They weren't that bad the kickoff penalty was more great acting than bad call(game was in hand) j2c taught that class now for 17 years! It's like this alto is good but makes mistakes and BS is a decent 1-5 team that makes horrible mistakes at the most undesirable time. BS should look better next week and alto will have their hands FULL!
  3. Just saw hawkins was up 14-7 on the grove in the 4th. Did the hawks hold on?
  4. Alto gets 2nd half kickoff they shouldn't throw the ball again until they go up 21. In my opinion
  5. Maybe try and do the bye the 4th week the next 2 years and see how that goes
  6. 28-14 alto last score given to alto.on a silver platter. After 3rd and 2 at the 48
  7. End of the 1st 6-0 alto. BS is moving the ball a little now not much just a little
  8. Alto is turned back from scoring. BS finally with positive total yards I think could go back negative
  9. Its sunny with some wind. There will be no mud thanks to the BS school board from several years ago!
  10. Not sure but I think bs had 5 or 6 turnovers. Cant win giving away possessions
  11. StingEm it's in BS next week so you'll get a hard played gamebut away from the hilltop they just aren't right for some reason and there's 6 away games so...
  12. Well the taxes in California would probably run you 45 to 50% federal and state ( Berkeley might bump you to 60%) unless I'm totally wrong heck just social security for them would be 15.3%. I want them to have to pay this cause then unless you're elite (endorsement wise) it would kill all California college athletics....
  13. Well here's my 2 cents....California is in a budget crisis (not surprised). If you look and I have not yet ut if you make the students able to be paid then the state can tax ALL of them (girls included) for their scholarships and any other monies they receive. So... they will probably be taxed around 50% tax rate out there or more.(title 9 will screw everyone equally). I think this is about more than CA thinking they are doing good but really being underhanded to make the state money in the end.
  14. If your guys just keep it even they'll be 3-0. Just don't pull a union grove and go 5-0 and then wonder if you can make the playoffs
  15. Go sabine!!! If it's 56-0 it's not enough....
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