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  1. Go to a TCU game as a parent or school ticket you will sit where LSU'S band sat....
  2. They commit suicide with 2 bullets to the back of the head...
  3. Beckville got a new AD and didn't want to host from what I heard.
  4. SA ready for track to... OUCH! I'm sure this won't be first game they hit 70 or more
  5. Didn't make the trip to SA. Hoping someone might give an update along. Don't need graphic details. Heard it was 16-7
  6. I don't think his BS ankle monitor let's him get more than 50 miles from home.
  7. Probably has more to do with travel than anything on a school night. Last I saw bs has a jv.
  8. They seem to be starting to turn the boys side around. Also most of those teams you are talking about the top athletes either moved away or the ones that were still in district had almost ALL girls lol. Girls sports have been very competitive.
  9. Hawkins had a bad run of terrible culture over an extended time. Not so good school boards coupled with bad to subpar AD hires will hurt your school
  10. Well looks like BS has over 50 but haven't got an accurate count.
  11. J2C is already pacing the floor for tomorrow! I will be there tomorrow
  12. You been to Hawkins? Same district and SUPER nice gym.
  13. They better have more talent than they have had the last 2 years of they want to be more than baseball contenders...
  14. Unless he's gotten more aggressive to the hole he isn't quick enough. He tries to feel and he's a grown dude that should just mash it
  15. Sorry man been to Carlisle you'll get no sympathy from anyone that's been there and played with Rockyworking them...
  16. Can we get some updates please know it hasn't started yet but it would be nice
  17. Sam doesn't need to go back in unless defense has a total meltdown. Dont see that happening with 5:14 left
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