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  1. Guess tonight alot of pass... 35-20 big sandy at half
  2. Hopefully weather holds off tonight.... don't know what to expect from big sandy inconsistency has been the one constant.... pullin for cats just not sure which way it will go. Good luck to both sides praying for no injuries. Real season starts in 2 weeks!
  3. I know JT should win handily .... my question is what is or where can you park since its the last night of the fair? Would like to see JT play might be only chance to see them.
  4. Thinking bs will finally play better tonight .. bs by 28.
  5. Well its big sandy homecoming.... focus and cconsistency has seemed to be a problem andi That can be magnified sometimes by all that homecoming entails. If the cats are focused it could be a blowout if not they will have rheir hands full.
  6. Good game WR! Dont know what happened to bs.... good luck to you the rest of the way.
  7. Thought it might ease up but i dont know. if we were 20 miles west we would be playing!!!!
  8. Thought it might ease up but i dont know. if we were 20 miles west we would be playing!!!!
  9. Stupid lightning delay! Listening to whitehouse and Carlisle flipping back and forth. This ####!!!!!
  10. I'm thinking there a bunch of ifs as well.... think bs will win but not as certain as i would like to be.
  11. Little over 2 hrs til kickoff. Come on 730!
  12. I know this is changing the subject a little for you Joaquin guys but i drove by the stadium did they let some pigs in it looked tore up or maybe it was just bad eye sight on my part.
  13. Thought you were on vacation? Stop reading this!! lol

  14. Not sure that playing union hill the 1st game is an upgrade. But havent seen rest on non-district for the Indians
  15. That would be good. Wind with all the dead trees around will be a larger problem i think.
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