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  1. Sam doesn't need to go back in unless defense has a total meltdown. Dont see that happening with 5:14 left
  2. Man going to van to watch kin folks.. Gonna try and make carthage if gladewater blows them out early!
  3. If BS is at full strength they would have seen something similar and they would have lost... but injuries at our level kill you... San Augustine will beat them like they stole their bicycle
  4. They'll be salty at the house like us... rock on SA
  5. I guess my other post didn't go through Ingram should be a 2 for 1 spilt with Watson.. line busts it for him cause they know they give him an inch he'll take 5 yards
  6. 903 on the field 95 yards with him doing the heavy lifting!
  7. I would rank wash st. Higher just because mike leach knows he's an a..hole... lol
  8. Giant crowd still outside watching osu and wv! Big cheers outside when osu scored! Lol
  9. Off subject but if any of your kids are part of the T association it is AWSOME!
  10. Big sandy was missing several starters. And still had a chance. San Augustine should win easily if they don't turn it over.
  11. If San Augustine is first healthy it will be a blood letting
  12. 55-42 Leon wins... good luck next week Leon maybe you hold San Augustine under 70
  13. Td Leon 4th and 6 can't get off the field when you need to 55-42 leon
  14. Leon throws int... why they are throwing. I have no idea
  15. Got rolled up on after he ran over about 6 Leon kids. He taped and just has no explosion on the ankle
  16. Lost 23 on the 2nd play on offense. Hurt on defense the worse
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