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  1. How's the field look? Don't know how this game turns out if BS HAD A good week of practice they win if not Cushing will.
  2. Kinda how it was in school 35 years ago.... man I feel old... just be a decent person at the presser and if you want to rip him do it on your own time.
  3. Nevermind it's in Carlisle but as bad as the field maybe there hawkins is AWFUL
  4. The field in hawkins will stop your guys before anything else
  5. The crummy GM from the last 20 years that has brought us 3 playoff wins in this time period would have fired himself several times by now
  6. EXACTLY!! It would be like hawkins being ranked.... my poor hawks
  7. Rush 5 and have 2 on zekesomebody should have been able to win a 1on1 good grief. Next play 3 on 5 and you get sacked you stink! Now I'm going to Twitter to cuss linehan and the clapper
  8. Union grove shouldn't be ranked above my little sister's powder-puff team for 40+ women much less Cushing or Big Sandy!
  9. Hope it's on Thursday that's 5 miles down the street
  10. I saw the film from big sandy game and i agree wolves should win barring a total brain dead game
  11. I know perfect seasons are great but if you only lose one and it's not the last one then so be it! But really if you get up 14 put the jv in with varsity guys sprinkled in every series. My poor hawks arnt the hawks if the 70s 80s or 90s
  12. The stands are fine it's just about 50-75 yards where the grass never took. Clay and top soil wash down to the sidewalk. Haven't seen the field but I bet it's about as bad as hawkins by now
  13. If it rains friday or the day before hopefully they let's you walk around the track to get to the visitor stands if not bring rubber boots or shoes you mind getting nasty case the mud washes down the hill over the sidewalk. If it's fairly dry then it's ok for fans. You'll have your backs to hwy 271.
  14. I just want whoever comes out of our region to win state! Unless we have to.listen to wolfman then i.maybe against it lol
  15. You gentlemen (and i use that term loose) arn' t right!
  16. Lau after that call should walk off in protest and let the whiskey bottles rain down
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