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  1. Dang it I want the Iowa State game to be wheels off but no.one covered the qb what the heck
  2. It doesn't matter in the grand scheme get about 30 varsity plays and put the jv in and whatever happens happens
  3. Unless Cushing beats big sandy then they get the loser
  4. That might a better idea than getting them a game or just play 14 or 15 on jv. I think hawkins still has a jv. I think
  5. I know I'm bouncing around but it will be a fast track next Friday in BS no matter what! Lol
  6. I said it earlier in this thread that the people in hawkins had the chance to get turf this past spring and they voted it down... I could go into the whole reason to vote for it but I'll just say my home town was STUPID!
  7. Great job Cushing see you guys next Friday in BS. I will be there
  8. I really think bs would be fine going as the 4th seed if they could play Centerville again but I hope they don't I hate to see them lose. It doesn't matter after next week there's only one team that doesn't end up a loser of a final game... but doesn't mean they are losers. They played the greatest team game ever invented for their classmates and most times friend next to them! How many men would go back to high school and not play again regardless of the outcome!
  9. Time to go Euless trinity run out the clock time
  10. My wife said super duper quadruple like this
  11. Held you guys under 50.... Sorry it wasn't closer but hopefully it was entertaining and classy in a football sense of knocking the snot out of each other and getting after the next play again
  12. Come on Cushing!! My wife saud she doesn't want the grove to make the playoffs ... There's alot of hate there
  13. Bout what I figured hope you guys didn't have any injuries from that wwonderful field! Just so you know the comments about how bad it is has started a all out assault to get turf on facebook! Thanks
  14. They will not quit!! You have 0000 on the clock and they still fighting! My son was on the 0-10 team and he's coaching now he won't let them quit!
  15. Did you catch it in the stands? Or are you a crow? (Fence holderupper... lol)
  16. Just saw pictures of the field good GRIE F! I AM EMBARASSED of my alma mater
  17. Well...... It isn't what I wanted but it's what I expected
  18. Well all I can say is there should be turf but the people of hawkins were cheap for the 1st time ever but i guess a bunch of do gooders moved in and the turf didn't pass...
  19. Oh i saw it's 26-0 I thought Carla was automatic on extra points what the heck
  20. Oh I know they arnt bad by any stretch just not elite for our level
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