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  1. Well it should be a running 2nd half clock so you guys can get home before 11
  2. Hopefully the bs offense can make a showing at least... defense is out of our actual linebackers at this point
  3. Well I was hoping it would be competitive so much for hope.... lol
  4. Well maybe a running clock by the middle of the 3rd at this rate
  5. Well are my poor hawks getting thumped yet? I hope not but fear the worst
  6. A score from this game would be great if anyone is there I wanted to go but never made it out of Tyler
  7. He plays everywhere on offense qb receiver running back.
  8. West Memphis is something else especially 20 years ago. Those truck stops were and still are a 3 ring circus.
  9. J2c is "mister big sandy" though ..... he's just too busy to be on smoaky much.... bet he's reading... although I can't remember if they taught that at bs when he graduated...
  10. Well.... a lot has happened since then lost 2 senior linemen and a linebacker then went through about 5 oline combinations then lost an all state running back. They are improving but not to alto or Carlisle level football wise. If they make mistakes against Cushing it will be a long night. If they play like they did against mineola it will be a great game against Carlisle entertainment wise.
  11. It's ok chain I enjoy reading your musings and analysis. Not many posters from other schools in this district other than alto. There's only so many ways to say you'll win barring a catastrophe
  12. Mostly Squibb kicks out of bounds! I know they are very good athletes but doubt they even kick it in bounds. If you're in the standsaround the 45 pay attention or you might get a football in your lap!
  13. We listened to that game on the radio couldn't believe it! Was certain it was gonna be big sandy vs Carlisle at rose stadium the next week... we had to drive to Corsicana the next week and beat them as bad as garrison beat us the next week.
  14. It is for him but he's still stuck in the 90s.... union grove is more of a rival than hawkins. Hawkins is a friendly butt kicking in boys sports except baseball and bs has improved at that. Girls side is a toss up between the hawks and lions
  15. I'm betting from the scores they don't play much past the middle of the 3rd quarter if possible and that's because their very good at tbe execution of what they do. If they lose (bs) it'll be because they got beat simple as that.
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