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  1. Yeah I agree, corner is probably the only position that’s worth the kind of pick they should have. After that they’ve got to beef up the middle of the field. The DTs look like they’re on roller skates and the linebackers are unsure which gap to hit in the run game. If they can retain Aldon Smith then between him Gregory and Lawrence I think the pass rush is fine but every other D-lineman besides Gallimore has proven themselves incapable.
  2. Cowboys main needs list IMO in no particular order DT MLB S CB OT. Coming up with a way to fill all those holes is the hard part. And IF Tyron Smith comes back strong after finally getting the surgery then the offense should be solid.
  3. The only positions of need that warrant a top 10 pick are mlb or cb. To be honest if smith Collins and Prescott come back as strong as before next season we’re in pretty good shape. Cowboys could use a guard and safety which could mostly be found in later rounds. This season was snake bitten and that doesn’t make this a bad team. I say go on and fight for the division win since it’s right there for the taking. I seem to be in the minority on that though but I believe in Prescott as the franchise quarterback.
  4. They have that... it’s obvious Dak isn’t the problem when the team absolutely crumbles without him. Even with a makeshift O-line the offense was rolling. It would be a waste of a good opportunity to go after a qb when you could try and build a formidable defense.
  5. So the question becomes, if/when the cowboys get a top ten pick.. what position or who do you go for? Assuming Dak, Smith, Collins and Martin are 100% next year, what’s the biggest need that’s worth a top pick?
  6. Lance Lynn looks like a dominant force right now. If Minor can get even close to how he was last season this team could have some postseason success with the set up this year. That being said someone not named Gallo has got to step up offensively.
  7. I’m 27 and no, I have never seen my Cowboys be great. “Pretty good” has been the best I get. “Made the playoffs” has been the cap and supposedly good enough. I’m sick of it. I wasn’t on the fire Garrett train as soon as everyone else because he does have a pretty good overall record but I am definitely on it now. The thing I’m afraid of is that’s just going to make things worse. I feel like the Cowboys aren’t any good and are overpaying many players and we’re going to have to accept this for many years.
  8. I think we all understand. This year has been probably the most frustrating I’ve seen.
  9. Absolutely ridiculous that this is even the situation. The eagles are not a good football team. Where are the Cowboys we saw last week.. so aggravating
  10. Momentum has shifted toward Dallas. If the boys don’t come out fired up and dominate the second half well then they simply don’t deserve a division title. I for one believe they do and they will.
  11. The other team being the one making mistakes is a welcomed change
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