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  1. I just heard that KD Cannon's little brother will be the starting halfback for MP. Cant confirm if its true but if it is, i have seen the kid play. He is faster than KD. He is fun to watch.
  2. Mount Pleasant Varsity, JV, and Fresh schedules
  3. Mount Pleasant replaced Arkansas High with Greenville.
  4. Yes. That was a heck of a squad. Most likely would not have beaten La Marque that year but should have been there.
  5. For Mount Pleasant 1973- Lost in finals to Cuero 21-7. 1995- A special year, beat #3 SS 24-3, went 5-0 in district. Beat SS again in Regional final. Ended up losing to Denison in semi-finals a Cotton Bowl 13-6 because of TD called back on a illegal touching of referee. They got blasted by La Marque in the finals. 1997- Lost in semis again to Denison again. They lost to La Marque in finals.
  6. They used to play a lot. But after the last time and some extracurriculars between fans and players, i would be surprised if it ever got going again. I remember them having to play with no fans at basketball and football games. Its just 2 towns that really do not like each other.
  7. From whay i have been told by my parents and others is that everything started in the 80s and carried over to the 90s. I played little league baseball in 95 and remember coaches arguing bc Pittsburg didnt want us apart of theor tournament.
  8. Great to see you guys back on the schedule. But hopefully we can beat THigh. Highly unlikely. But maybe the boys will come out this year.
  9. Only 1. Pitt is 4a d2. MP has played down that far before but there was bigger problems that classifications. But i wish it would get started again.
  10. Finally got Mount Pleasants schedule. Been years since they last play Arkansas High.
  11. I guess the positive for MP is their only bad sport is football. But ugh in the State of Texas it should be the better sport. But its ok. I will take what we can get right. Best basketball team they have ever had. Idk yet how baseball and softball look. But looking like playoff runs for soccer again.
  12. Final from Garland, Samuel 63 MP 60. Were down by 20 at one point in the game. Almost fought back to win it. Great season Tigers and Wildcats of SS.
  13. That will be a heck of a game if they play. I dont know who MP has next.
  14. Im trying to get my hands on the MP schedule for this coming year.
  15. Definitely not North Texas. That would be Denton and Sherman. PG is in Texarkana, definitely East Texas. Only 50 miles east of Mount Pleasant and 30 miles north of Atlanta. Mount Plessant isnt covered by Longview either.
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