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  1. 1WildCat

    Prayers for Marshall

    Prayers pour out from Waskom. I carry mail in Marshall and can attest that the entire city is taken aback by the accident. May the Lord comfort the families involved.
  2. 1WildCat

    Team to beat in 3AD2 in 2019: Daingerfield Tigers

    Dangerfield SHOULD win District next year. Just my prediction this early.
  3. 1WildCat

    State Championship Games at Jerryworld

    Agree, why punish me when I elect to watch every game on a given day sitting in the same seat?
  4. 1WildCat

    Now that the season is over

    I was able to watch the Carthage/Marshall and Carthage/Pleasant Grove games and a couple of Newton games. First opportunities to see many of these teams. Was a definite treat to watch the talent on the fields that night, and can imagine that each of these programs will be just as successful in the future. The "state of football" in East Texas is alive and well for many seasons to come.
  5. 1WildCat

    State Championship Attendance

    And air it on their tv station like the year they played Marshall.
  6. 1WildCat

    Harleton candidates

    Duhhh......ya think!!
  7. 1WildCat

    State Championship Attendance

    At the Waskom/Newton game in '14, the attendance was 14K.
  8. 1WildCat

    State Championship Attendance

    Morale to this story........NEVER return to NRG!!
  9. 1WildCat

    State Championship Games at Jerryworld

    I take it that you did not enjoy the OTHER 15 games!! Js