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  1. Hopefully someone from DF can shed some light on this. I have wondered all season why DF,'s #3 goes outta bounds practically every time he carried the ball near the sidelines, and practically throws it in the stands when he's given up on the pass. Have noticed that practically every game I have seen them play this year. Has the coach instructed him not to take the hit. Just seems he could have a lot more yardage than he ends up with.
  2. Hmmm..........or was that a "dream" you were having?
  3. Get tickets from Central office in Waskom, then pay $4 at the gate when you enter and surrender your ticket.
  4. Congrats on your second this decade.
  5. Yepper he sure did. As I said before the game, key was getting pressure on him, and we could not do that until the 2nd half.
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