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  1. Yeah, I know I added a second poll. Just wanted to give everyone a chance to get it right!!
  2. The Catz coming up just short to the Brahmas of Paul Pewitt. The Eagles flying high after their victory over those Dawgs of Queen City. Waskom's Homecoming.
  3. This game could decide District in the long run.
  4. Throw Dekalb in the "mix"!! So much for DF superiority. Good game to both.
  5. Good try Catz. Maybe next week. Sure we will show improvement. Kudos to Da Bulls. Bet that feller was "snorting" all night.
  6. After last weeks melt down, I'm not putting much stock in the spread. We don't have an offensive or defensive line. Fun to watch 4, 6, 7, 8, 12 & 20 play ball, but without a defense we are toast. Our offensive lineman seem to be out there playing "patty cake" instead of getting downfield hitting someone. Do we have linebackers? Havn't noticed them on the field. I keep hearing "Wait till next year"!! Let's hope so. I ser a 3-7 (4-6 at abdolute best). DoUnless they improve DRASTICALLY, we do not need to a playoff game.
  7. And it really should not matter HOW you get it, inside, outside, up da gut. We cannot stop anything right now.
  8. What line? What LB's? What DB's? Not sugar coating this mess on the field.
  9. What was up with that play that the HS RB all walks in the end zone from 50 ysrds out?
  10. Going with HS to win. Don't see our guys hanging a full four quarters with anyone this season. We don't possess the outside speed, on either side of the ball, that we have dominated in past years. Will be fun to watch the next couple of years though. You guys get your shots in this season!!
  11. Boy did we ever stink up the joint tonight. For 2nd week in a row, the "D" line gets blown off the ball 5 yards on every play seemingly. The LB's and DB's couldn't catch a cold on the edge. Turnovers early kept the Catz from going in at the half with a lead. Only bright spot that I could see is the running of #20. He was really playing with heart. The saddest thing of all is that this was probably the worst WR team I have seen on many moons. Our lack of defense made the QB look like a rock star. Gonna be a long season.....but hey it's football.......just not what we are accustomed to.
  12. Prayers pour out from Waskom. I carry mail in Marshall and can attest that the entire city is taken aback by the accident. May the Lord comfort the families involved.
  13. Agree, why punish me when I elect to watch every game on a given day sitting in the same seat?
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