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  1. I can deal with live streaming from now on. Have always wanted the option of going back and rewatching a game.
  2. Bottom line, if wearing a mask to and from my seat in the bleachers is the difference in being able to watch Texas High School Football, then I will sleep in the thing. Covid, like the flu, has been around forever and will remain forever. Many of the inconveniences brought about because of Covid19 is liable to never go away, so we may as well prepare for the worse and be thankful that we still have Friday night lights.
  3. If that's all you can find go for it. A legit passing team at least. Speaking of that, looks like Ford has finally wised up and is going with more of a running game. Looked good at times.
  4. 2 minute desperation offense by Eaf yeikds NATA. Turnover on downs. Waiting for DF to try last second fg with the girl kicker.
  5. EF running out of clock. This is the possession DF needed. Nail in da coffin!! 24-14 DF.
  6. Why doesn't DF turn the QB loose. What's up with him doing "just enough" to pick up first down then bails out of bounds. Letting EF hang around too be long, it's gonna bite you.
  7. And OC at 2-0. Has anyone in District lost yet? Oh yeah, HS!!
  8. Waskom JV and Ore City JV Tuesday (9/15) @ 6:30 @ Waskom's Jimmy E. Cox Stadium.
  9. I was expecting a better game, simply because it IS Carthage a a lot of those guys will see time on the Varsity next year. Everyone knocking us about playing a JV, but it beats not playing at all. With the fiasco of San Augustine not wanting to come back and play us, we didn't want to go two weeks in a row without playing.
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