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  1. Figured they might considering demographics. Would be nice to see them against each other in "The Show" though.
  2. 2 fer ETX on the day. Congrats to both. Gonna be neat seeing Carthage and PG go at it the next few years. The region final may shine brighter than the state champ game.
  3. Hmmm......"Goober Grabber"?? Transfer in from Hughes Springs no doubt!!
  4. The great Greg Pearson, firmer DC for State Champ Waskom and current Brownsboro HC/AD IN DA HOUSE!!
  5. Texarkana on a whole diffetent media loop than the Tyler/Longview areas, both newspapers and radio coverage. Anything north of Jefferson not covered by KMHT outta Marshall.
  6. Guess we will have to wait until tomorrow to see if ETX can bring it home. Hope to get 2 tomorrow.
  7. True dat, no way the punter could have been downfield.......unless he has Waskom speed.
  8. Waskom won 3A titles in '14 and '15 running the flexbone. In '14 had four 1000 yard rushers with a 5th ending with 970 yards.
  9. He wasn't "asked" to leave, he still has the door handle in his ### from them slamming it on him!!
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