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  1. 5 Spots remain open 2 guards and 3 Post players. If you have any interest in playing Spring-Summer basketball. Looking to fill the final spots in the next couple of weeks. For more information send a direct message. Thanks The age is 5th/6th Graders.
  2. Congrats...thats nice! Coach Hopkins deserved that!!
  3. Jacksonville just keep winning...I expected WH or JT to get a win over jax in the first half pf district play. Jax is the real deal...Right?
  4. He was recruited for both by Texas Basketball and Football, but at some point decided to focus solely on football.
  5. Yeah thats true and the last could go on from there as well. So its possible...
  6. Yes they are both post players and I will send you my info. Thanks
  7. I watched this kid play its hard to believe he could be better at basketball than football, but I wish him the best of luck with whatever he decides to do. I'm sure some College don't mind taken on him for both sports; it normally works out well for the football team. Jermicheal Finley, Kendall Wright, and Martellius Bennett. Just Saying
  8. David signed to play LB and he's a great kid with lots of talent currently powerlifting, just recently deadlifted 600lbs. Here in the next month or so he will begin to prepare to make a run for state in 400meters. Congrats David
  9. Yeah, I heard they got beat down pretty good. Its amazing how a team can go from playing the way I saw them against Mexia to basically not showing up. Which I wasn't at the Fairfield game but 30 point defeat tells it all.
  10. Congrats to that kid! J.T. has some strong ties to OSU with recruiting.
  11. I figured Brownboro would runaway with this district, sounds like Canton is pretty tough too.
  12. Looking For 7/8 grade Boys Basketball players we have 2 spots open and the search is for kids 5'10 are taller. Post if you are interested.
  13. I happen to go over to Mexia last friday to watch Rusk Boys play, I had been hearing how terrible they were but I wanted to see if the players were just not very good or these teams including whitehouse jv were just better. Well I sat and watched them play Mexia toe to toe matching big shot to big shot without two starters who were on College Visits for Football...Nevertheless Rusk left Mexia with a Victory 57-56. If those boys play that way throughout the rest of district they may pull off a major turnaround. Good Game.
  14. BBoro has a decent team, Rusk couldn't cover anything tonight. Cover 2&3 we looked confused in them both not to mention man2man coverage. The Bears were pumped up tonight and we showed up like we just had the game won. To many missed chances. Lots of work to be done starting with the DB's because we will see the spread alot more.
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