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  1. Glad to see Colt McCoy get the heck out of Cleveland - would never want to line up behind that line as a QB - did not get a fair shake there. San Francisco is a good fit for him with the superb coaching staff, his competiveness and great team around him. I know he'll be a backup, but I think there is a reason they grabbed him. Harbaugh will improve him and I think they know he fits their scheme very well with his accuracy, smarts and ability to run when he has to.
  2. Of course Georgia uses number 34 for all of their publicity - I think his name was Herschel. Really a great job with their traditional uniform - KUDOS to the Bulldogs! The Aggie black uniforms were atrocious.
  3. James Street at Texas was a bit like Owens - neither one ever walked on a field thinking they could not win. The Steve Owens highlight reels are still some of the best. Ran than wishbone to perfection and could run with the best of them.
  4. Appears the Texas LB Corps as taken a step back in Spring ball with the injury bug. Hicks out with groin/hamstring pull (some rumors this is related to his injury back in September); and Jackson out with a dislocated shoulder requiring surgery. This is not good as both Hicks and Jackson needed the work. The LB corps remains a big question mark for 2013. NOT GOOD!
  5. Bama has done this for years - i.e., Suddes
  6. I think you're on it. Suddes was hired from the same position at Alabama. A Saban guy for many years both in the NFL and college game. May be the first AD for Player Personnel in the Big 12. This will reshape Texas recruiting and impact many more conferences across the country. Suddes will most likely be a GM in the NFL some day.
  7. Zeke Riser, the starting DE at the University of Houston will join the Longhorn team for his final year of eligibility. He has graduated UH and his currently in graduate school at UH.
  8. Me too on the transsitor radio Don Nottebart
  9. Johnny Football is suing some company for using his patented (yes patented) nickname. He patented his nickname and company a few weeks ago. I'm getting to where I don't care for this guy.
  10. stick with the traditional logo for heavens sake! That "guns" logo will get some attention from our overly sensitive population. Good luck with that.
  11. I agree; Florida did the same thing at the swamp - too many seats in the endzone and those along the horizontal will allow you to touch aircraft. What's the new seating capacity?
  12. I remember these unis back in the day. Glad to see it! Now let's play some ball!
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