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  1. It is a different strain of a cold virus. The common cold is in the coronavirus family.
  2. Lots of movie quotes on this thread, Few Good Men and Good Will Hunting. Good stuff
  3. Harmony vs Prairiland Friday 7:30 Mt. Vernon
  4. Harmony runs the Wing T with a few variations.
  5. District 9 Arp Big Sandy Harmony Grand Saline New London West Rusk Quitman Troup Winona
  6. Schultz caught some bad breaks this year. They went to the playoffs last year and was primed for another trip, but the starting QB broke his collarbone and a ton of other injuries happened.
  7. Please no. Lamar needs a qualified college Head Coach.
  8. Can’t get more East than a district with Hooks, Queen City, and Redwater
  9. It is the UIL, so my prediction would make way too much sense.
  10. Alba and Frankston both drop to 2A-D1
  11. I have Lone Oak, Bells, Blue Ridge, Whitewright, Leonard, Scurry-Rosser Edgewood could possibly go here as well. They are kind of in between 2 areas.
  12. Arp, Harmony, West Rusk, Quitman, Troup, Winona, Edgewood, Grand Saline Daingerfield, Hughes Springs, New Diana, EF, Harleton, Pewitt, Ore City, Waskom Hooks, DeKalb, Chism, Prairiland, Queen City, Redwater These are my predicted districts for 3A-D2.
  13. Well you picked Pewitt 1st, so there is that.
  14. Nature you at the game? I’m here to watch a little Pewitt football
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