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  1. https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjtt9q_-5aHjsY2JnNp3a5mGa3ccjCIhh
  2. Y’all keep lying to yourself , EB played a great game I will say that .. probably best they played all season. Newton did not play well, Newton committed several Penalties in key moments and looked exposed on offense . On a 3rd and 27 they allowed EB to gain 25 yards then 2 for the first on the tying touchdown drive in the 4th. EB outplayed Newton and The Eagles came into the game thinking they would roll EB and got punched in the mouth .. I’m not saying they didn’t shine and some points in game but that was not the same Newton team Friday night we been watching all season .. Brown and the talk of EB was going to get blown out played a factor I believe . Also to the comment on the wind was blowing lol Newton threw 13 times and 8 passes were dropped .
  3. Newton better show up or they going to get beat , if they play like they did against EB they will lose by 14
  4. The 5 play offense for Daingerfield, will not fair good against Newton Defense , Newton offense has one of the best offensive coordinators in high school . Daingerfield getting back to how they use to be but not near on Newton level
  5. He is getting recruited as running back , he is ranked as one of the best backs in Texas , he is 6foot 215 and he runs a 4.46 .. plus he has almost 5,000 yards rushing , you have no ideal what your talking about as usual. Go to google and type Darwin Barlow
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