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  1. Inside sources telling me Ewers will announce he's headed back to the Longhorns.
  2. You're kidding... right? What does his salary as a head football coach have to do with how many "ums" he makes in a speech. I don't care if he speaks in pig Latin if we get back to winning conference championships and playing in the playoffs. He has also been wearing the burnt orange all of one day. Give him some time, and I'm sure his speeches will be better. Speech class - LOL!
  3. Yet look how much better the Cleveland Browns are playing without Odell Beckham. Common sense will tell us that it is better to have more talent than less at WR, but that position alone can make things difficult for offenses to thrive due to QBs forcing balls to WRs they thing they should throw it to instead of what their read tells them. I'm not talking about not having great talent, but maybe... just maybe Devonta Smith, John Metchie, and the #4 WR is better for the offense than those two and Jaylen Waddle. It's hard to make three studs happy. An analogy could be taking our best college bask
  4. Nice get! This was all about Sark and the offense as the Crystal Ball had him going to Ohio State over Alabama.
  5. Man I don't want to get into this peeing contest, but let's not forget the Aggies were down 20-17 in the 4th quarter to a 3 loss UNC team that was missing several key starters on both sides of the ball just over a week ago.
  6. Well I'm glad we got Bijan. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders.
  7. He wasn't on many sites. Zachary Evans was the consensus #1 at RB.
  8. I didn't pull that number out of my butt. That is the time he posted at the combine for high school players. Those times always seem to be slower because it's usually done by a computer. ESPN actually had him ranked #3 for RBs. Both backs in front of him Zachary Evans and Tank Bigsby ran faster.
  9. Bijan was never a burner. He ran a 4.77 at the ESPN 300 without pads. He may look faster in his high school videos, but he wasn't running against P5 football talent for the most part, and many of the guys he played against this year already have a few years of college strength and conditioning under their belt. I think Ingram is around a 4.6. Where Ingram looks slow in my opinion is when he's slow playing the blocking waiting for the big hole. Those guys catching Bijan from the backside are cornerbacks with an angle that most likely run faster because they are 40 pounds lighter. Saying al
  10. At this point I have to agree with you. So what if the Aggies win the game at this point. NC was without their studs, and the game is tied with nine minutes remaining. This is the kind of performance that brings out all the "I told you so's."
  11. Regardless of how this ends, you guys better be glad those NC boys opted out of the game. I'll admit that I'm a little shocked. I thought this would be a blowout.
  12. It's because the game is on ESPN, and according to my Aggie buddies ESPN hates A&M.
  13. Two early observations: 1. Aggie defense is flying around! 2. I think the NC QB is high.
  14. Aggie Trivia Question: How many keggers does the kicker attend per week?
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