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  1. LOL… Texas was never down by 26 in the four years under Herman.
  2. Because we didn’t prepare for an kicking. I’m sure our coaches thought Arkansas would be throwing the ball in the 4th quarter.
  3. Our DL is killing our LBs. Arkansas getting their OL to backers and secondary way to easy. If they’re not going to force double teams, they need to stunt a gap to cause havoc in the backfield.
  4. There have been drops, but Card is also missing wide open WRs. Give Thompson a chance or is the staff to afraid of a QB controversy?
  5. I’ll say it again. Time to give Casey some snaps. Card is not seeing the field and has had five drives to figure it out.
  6. Ummm when do we do the All Gas thing? So far we’ve been super vanilla on both sides of the ball. Might be time to get Casey some snaps as well.
  7. If this guy doesn't dress up as a "Super Trooper" for Halloween, he's missing the 2nd biggest opportunity of his life!
  8. Well this just can’t be true. I was told Texas is just another game - nothing special.
  9. You guys are a lot more positive about it than I am. All I see in the future is top high school seniors opting out of their senior years to get paid. They may not get a million bucks, but it won't take much to pull them from the weekly grind. I'm just glad I'm not a big basketball fan because that sport is going to be totally ruined IMO. Play for travel team, opt out your senior year to get paid to attend a certain university. Play one year at that school and go pro or transfer to the highest bidder. At least in football and baseball, the player has to stay for 3 years prior to going pro.
  10. C'mon man... it's a tongue in cheek statement made specifically for the media to hype up his football team. It would be a huge embarrassment for the SEC if Texas or OU was to win the SEC in the first or second year of competition. The games against UT and OU may not be the "biggest" games on everyone else's schedule, but they will most certainly be a focus due to the fact that we are the new kids in town.
  11. I will admit the schedule is set up perfectly for A&M to make a run. No real test early gives King and company plenty of time to get comfortable at game speed. The only downside will be the jump in talent level when they do play Alabama. Those passing lanes won't be open near as long as the previous weeks. Could be a fun year for the Aggies.
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