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  1. They were ranked in the Top 20 in the nation. There was plenty of talent on the team.
  2. King reminds me a lot of Tate Martell in that the talent that surrounded him made him look better. I know he did well at the QB combines.
  3. Guys I was just having a little fun with sarcasm. No need to continue to point out how average we've been for a long time.
  4. I thought Sherman was actually doing some good things, but he just wasn't flashy enough for the Aggie faithful. Fran is a biotch! Showed up to Tomlinson's Heisman night to support him while wearing an Alabama tie.
  5. If true, I don't see him lasting very long there. Patterson won't put up with the shenanigans.
  6. Had offers from Alabama, Auburn, Miami, and others.
  7. By the way, Aggies are on FoxSports right now in one of the station's "Classic Football" games.
  8. So I can state the Longhorns would have definitely beaten Alabama had Colt not got injured...
  9. My son and I enjoy watching the USA Women during the World Cup, but it's frustrating watching the men play.
  10. 1. Texas Independence 2. Lone Star Showdown 3. Rangers in ALCS 4. Baseball to SMU
  11. Because sports figures have become celebrities, and USC is out in celebrity land. USC quarterbacks always seem to get ranked higher than deserved IMO.
  12. 2011 Texas at A&M on The Longhorn Network right now. Aggies are up at halftime. I wonder how it's going to end...
  13. Fans see pics with mom and dad smiling throwing up hand signs and think that's what mom and dad want. Parents are just happy that their child is about to get a chance at a free college education with a chance to be a high paid professional athlete. The coaches want to win the parents over because they want mom and dad talking more about the benefits of going to their school over another. We had a head basketball coach one time that had previously coached in the European League as well as lower level college. He used to joke about "doing" some ugly mommas to get their boys to play for him. I don't know if there was any truth to it or not, but he said you got to do what you got to do to win.
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