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  1. I've always said Mack recruited and signed Swoopes just so A&M couldn't. 5* QBs don't lose 8-9 game at the 1A-2A level.
  2. I guess I'm just an because I would remind them they are at UT on a band scholarship and refusing to play the school song will remove them from the scholarship. I'm sure some of these kids listen to music with questionable lyrics anyway.
  3. Can the Aggies at least talk Haynes into wearing a different style helmet? He looked like a bobblehead running around out there.
  4. Sam Cosmi is a top LT and expected to be Top 15 in the draft. Joseph Ossai is pretty dang special on defense. He'll play on Sundays. Caden Sterns was special as a freshmen, but he has been continuously battling injury the last year and a half. I agree with you at WR. Eagles has been a disappointment IMO. He should be using his size to take over these smaller DBs. No doubt that these guys aren't developing like many think they should. I've witnessed more than a few of their off season workouts, and they are busting their tales getting stronger and faster. I think there's too much thinking
  5. I've got three that I like not counting Urban Meyer. Matt Campbell Luke Fickell Chris Peterson
  6. I agree. The only downside for the Aggies is the Clemson/ND game is late. IF both are still undefeated, neither will fall in the rankings with any significance unless the winner just destroys the loser. And I completely forgot about Oklahoma State. They are still undefeated and are at full strength with their QB/RB. They'll factor in if they win out.
  7. If Aggies finish 9-1 there is definitely a possibility. Is there a championship game this year? I don't see the committee taking two teams from the same division. You got Clemson rolling, Ohio St starting up soon, and don't forget about The Irish. Nobody from the BIG XII will be in the playoff. Iowa St and K-State are both currently undefeated in conference, but both are way behind in the rankings without playing teams ahead of them to make up ground.
  8. Congrats to A&M on a the win. From the little I saw when I had to take a break from the ineptitude from my team, Mond looked really good today.
  9. When you realize DC Chris Ash also coaches the safeties, you then understand why he loves playing man/2deep or cover 3. It puts almost no pressure on the safeties, but it puts mounds of pressure on the other nine players. Chris Ash #### balls and simply road the coattails of others. For those that want to talk about him being DC at Ohio State, I'm pretty sure he was co-defensive coordinator - meaning it was title only for more money. You'd also think at some point he'd put a mirror on Rattler who killed us with his legs. But nope, that would mean would couldn't play safe in the back
  10. To be honest, Sam didn't show up in the 3rd and early 4th quarter either.
  11. The fact that his facemask snapped off the helmet probably saved him from injury.
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