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  1. Texas Running Backs have 7 combined carries. Ehlinger has 15. Texas deserves to lose.
  2. When your offense is basically run with Ehlinger, until passing situations Texas would do anything. Its comic at this point.
  3. Herman isnt the man for Texas, defense has been sorry since he got there 3 man or 4 man front doesnt matter. Scheme is horrible, Secondary is laughable. He may escape another year thanks to Covid-19 but man, Texas doesnt look good at all.
  4. So I'm guessing in this instance we cannot say back the blue or blue lives matter?
  5. I figured every game would get better after Carthage just havent happen. I dont know if they are too slow or not strong enough or what. Definitely have the size, seems like something is missing. And, the back bone of the Freshman team is their O-Line. Maybe bringing a Freshman up will light a fire underneath em. Something..lol
  6. If the O-Line situation dont improve dramatically for Kilgore, regardless it will be a long season. Might scout the JV or Freshman team, because its been three games and I haven't seen any improvement. I dont think the QB trust the line long enough to make good reads.
  7. I'll give props to G-Water, I think Kilgore gave it away. Here's my thoughts. *Kilgore didnt adjust to the power run game in the middle, I think they rotated 1 defensive linemen. And, had 2 LBs. I truly be the defense was worn down. G-Water couldnt pass the ball at all, Kilgore secondary shut em down. Kilgores Kick team, needs better coaching, both TDs players were absolutely out of their lanes leaving the back side wide open, which led to two run backs. Also, believe the play calling was STILL predictable until we got in passing situations, which Kilgore isnt the best at becaus
  8. Kilgore defense is pretty good. They could have a deadly passing game, QB is extremely accurate. But you wont see it much. I think Kilgore wins big something like 41-21. Its also their homecoming game.
  9. I believe he is genuine. And I'm not the biggest Herbstreit fan.
  10. Better late than never. Atleast they are speaking up, more than alot of people.
  11. Just a few years ago, Kilgore had a D1 WR and rarely threw the ball to him. (Hes at OK St.) So I wouldn't expect much passing. They like being predictable.
  12. Kilgore problem is the offensive lines doesnt block the middle well at all, Kilgore will literally run the ball in the middle 15 times. The QB looks to have a little speed wont use that, and he can throw the ball and they dont use that. Kilgore will run the same 11 on defense practically the whole game, so second half the defense gets worn down. Especially when the offense isnt moving the ball. Team is talented, I just dont think the play calling is thay good.
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