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  1. Texas was being held back by Ehlinger, Imo they'll be much better next season without him... better hope he doesn't come back.
  2. Lindale defense and secondary which has been their weakness showed. Leaning on one player showed. Congrats on getting there, but man to say this was predictable would be an under statement.
  3. Congrats Carthage. 1. Carthage should start playing 5A schools. 2. When is Surratt going to make that jump to college ball? Has absolutely nothing else to prove in HS.
  4. Congrats Lindale. Knock Argyle out at State. East Texas is rooting for you.
  5. Having to put up 50+ points in playoffs, tells me your offense is doing its job. The defense isnt..
  6. So is Ingram transferring from Texas rumor true? If so, would definitely be a smart choice.
  7. Dont know why an adjustment wasn't made there. I honestly thought Kilgore would have forced Lindale to beat them in the passing game and loaded the box heavy.
  8. The fake punt where Lindale players was wide open right by the Kilgore coaches didnt do it for you?
  9. Congrats Lindale.. your guy played extremely well, and Lindale coaches looked like seasoned pros compare to Kilgore coaches looking real JV-ish. Very questionable calls and very few adjustments (Kickoff). Go get a ring.
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