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  1. Dont know why an adjustment wasn't made there. I honestly thought Kilgore would have forced Lindale to beat them in the passing game and loaded the box heavy.
  2. The fake punt where Lindale players was wide open right by the Kilgore coaches didnt do it for you?
  3. Congrats Lindale.. your guy played extremely well, and Lindale coaches looked like seasoned pros compare to Kilgore coaches looking real JV-ish. Very questionable calls and very few adjustments (Kickoff). Go get a ring.
  4. Kilgore players have a ton of respect for Jenkins... 6 TDs will do that to a team.
  5. Absolutely facts. East Texas supports East Texas team better than any other region. Best High School fans in the state.
  6. I promise nobody from Kilgore is over looking Lindale. I know for a fact that our boys have been wanting this rematch since playoffs started. I think it was that fire to play Lindale again that has then looking like a different team. But, to the flip side of that Lindale has been ballin as well. I dont expect it to be quite as high scoring as the first game though.
  7. This is going to be a great game. The atmosphere is going to be wild, us Kilgore fans will be extremely loud. I absolutely cannot wait. Whoever wins I'll definitely be pulling for to win it all. Would be nice seeing two ETX win state in 4A.
  8. I'D give Kilgore a chance against any of those team even considering the lost to Carthage this year. They are a different team since then.
  9. I'm guessing its more to do with SFA, than than the two schools.
  10. 7,000 tickets only. First come, firsr served. Also, heard Lindale business owner is/was trying to buy all 7k tickets.
  11. Its funny because everybody knows Carthage players arent home grown players, alot of their talent comes from other places. And, thats all Ill say on that.
  12. All three should be ready Friday night from what I've been told. #7 for Kilgore has been out a while so getting a fresh DE back will be key, #9 is one of the top hitters on the team and #14 definitely the heartbeat of the defense, when he went out last night, the defense lost a little mojo.
  13. I'll just say this glad Kilgore won. But the refs bail HH a couple times especially with the catch that bounced off the turf and ruled a catch.
  14. Starting DE and Safety I believe.
  15. If Kilgore defense plays like they did Friday night, I dont expect it to be close. Kilgore also gets two starters back on defense. Their offense pretty well balanced. I'll say the score will be something like Kilgore- 31 HH- 14 Depending on the defensive play.
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