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  1. His dad coached at Kilgore College when he was younger.
  2. Skill positions not a problem, QB not a problem at all. O-Line will definitely have the size just will he young. Not a knock at all on Kilgore. They will be ready.
  3. They are ok with baseball only unfortunately.
  4. Kilgore offense should be deadly. If the O-Line is up to par. Graduated all 5 starters.
  5. Yea football, baseball, etc. Hallsville isd is about money and sweep all by the bad stuff under the rug.
  6. Hallsville problem is they play money instead of talent. Number one problem for years.......
  7. Hopefully. I would love to see Kilgore, Carthage, Gilmer, and Henderson in one district.
  8. Kilgore finally released their schedule.
  9. Kilgore is definitely reloading, alot of key players will be Jrs and Srs this year. QB will shock alot of people I believe he's a Jr. Kilgore strength undoubtedly will be the Defensive Line. The WR group has speed and quickness. They also have a RB that will be very impressive he will also be a Jr.
  10. Dumb decision even worse advice.
  11. From what I hear most kids are excited, and sounds like there will be a culture change in Kilgore. Haven't heard nothing but good things thus far.
  12. Kilgore has some talent at the RB position, no shortage there.
  13. Too early, I think seeing who the asst. Coaches are important to know before making this decision. So I'll hold off for a couple weeks.
  14. Agreed. Even though it was one of Kilgores most balanced years on offense.
  15. Hearing announcement could be today.
  16. Got you, I was a little confused lol.
  17. Enrolled at GW or Kilgore?
  18. Lets just Kilgore hires a coach from the outside. How hard would it be for a new coaching staff to get up to par, when schools is about to let out?
  19. I'm say the within is correct. The other name I've been hearing hasn't even been mentioned on this post.
  20. I won't say much. But, I will say with the hire it will either be a shocker or inside. I'm pretty sure the list down to 3 at this point. I think they'll wait for Henderson to announce first. So hopefully we'll hear something Tuesday or Wed. Next week.
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