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  1. Great journalist and friend. He also was a top notch baseball umpire in his day. Prayers go out to his family and friends during this difficult time!
  2. Bad news is there are 11 SEC teams with higher ranked classes than my Hogs!
  3. There is a water tower in the Highland Park neighborhood
  4. Best players for PG today: #2, #44, #10, #1, #40, #25 and #10 for Wimberley!
  5. Ok, thanks. # 11 did a good job tonight and looked much better than the few plays he had against PG last time. The other QB was the better passer and when they got pretty far behind PG I wondered why he wasn't in the game.
  6. Where was the QB for Gilmer that played most of the game against PG earlier this season?
  7. Gilmer double teamed him most of the game. They did a fantastic job. Most of his tackles were in chase mode. I would use the same gameplan if I was Gilmer!
  8. That's exactly what he will do is fill Crawford's role. I can't stand the guy! Hopefully ole Jerry has briefed him on their anthem policy too!
  9. That was a crucial play. Touchdown there may not have led to a Gilmer victory but it sure would have had PG sweating! Really entertaining ballgame and great atmosphere. Good luck to both of these teams going forward!
  10. I thought the biggest play in the game is when Carthage stopped Pleasant Grove in Carthage territory on 4th down with Carthage up 21-14. PG was already having trouble stopping Carthage at that point and I think that stop prevented any momentum from swinging PG's way. I know we are quick to criticize officials but I thought that crew last night did an outstanding job. They let the kids play and with both teams playing at a fast pace, that crew hustled and got the ball back in play after each play to let the teams play at the pace they liked. Great job by the refs!
  11. Watched it on the internet. Great game! Both teams have a lot to be proud of. Officiating played no role in the outcome!
  12. With the new district that Texas High is in and the travel with it being mostly Metroplex teams, the district decided to start the games at 7:00. Texas High has kept the starting times of their non-district home games at 7:00 to get used to it.
  13. A lot of the experts think he may not get signed until after the first regular season game. He would not be guaranteed the veteran salary at that point in time and could be cut at any time without having to be paid for the whole year.
  14. I sure hope this gets better. The last one I saw called for a penalty, the defensive player put his shoulder in the receiver's chest and wrapped his arms around him for a form tackle! I won't be able to watch football if tackles like that are going to be flagged. Offenses will dominate!
  15. Is Kirbyville coached by Craig Jones, the former baseball coach at Pleasant Grove?
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