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  1. O let me finish what i was gone do last year ok i got lazy and was moving so i put the longview video off so let me sum it up ....... Basiclly it was gone be lobos failure to get to state and failure to get past jeusit take out your metro cards get aboard the LLLL Train! But your ride would be short live because your dreams of being 3 time champ your dreams of holding up that uil trophy your dreams of back to back Championship have been absolutely DELETED!!!!! Then it was gone be a bunch of delete delete videos all while under taker music played and yea sooo... Anyway hows it going my new episode of podcast starts in few months but one thing i can say hp isnt going to like going to lobo stadium and having to be packed like sardines while having to sit with lobo fans on the visitor side lol
  2. Finnaly hp has to go through a tough District let see how they do and they got come oir way twice they wont like that
  3. Yea he was at ch before it was other reasons he left there some stuff the school was doing his dad told me he. Was no longer at jt the other day and most reasons os alot stuff holmes had put cam through i saw cam at super ones like sunday and i stay in lee district where that store is so he staying over in lee district most likley
  4. Gone be interesting next season to see what jt does at qb since cam wont be there and is at lee now confirmed hmmmm
  5. I hate they had to go out this early but i promised they video thia will be my best work
  6. East tx teams this year just had some bad luck teams out that should still be playing till dec
  7. Save the best for last i hope everybody has great year we will continue to cover east tx all the way to the end.... and few might hate this but ay lol and thanks to all the supporters over here all my fellow jt posters yall know who you are see yall next year.. Podcast will keep going next we working on some adults type podcast touching on some topics that need to be addressed sub and stay tune!!
  8. Yea yall need to watch it got a special video im making im saving my best one for longview tho should something happen before state
  9. Lol i just know they would been all in the jt vs college station thread talking about jt losing if they had of won
  10. Yea most knew jt probaly would lose lufkin shouldnt of lost to texas freakin high as you would say. No offense to thigh good job!!
  11. Lol now all that talking down on jt and look what happens good game...... yall gone love this next episode of the podcast
  12. Lufkin take out your metro cards and get aboard the L train with us
  13. I think the freshman class coming up might make some noise not sure about the jv coming into varsity next year they was not that good this year i hope it doesnt come to one more down year then they get back rolling with that freshman class but they cant do anything but get better gone have alot of the team coming back gone lose crawford tho
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