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  1. I think lobo stadium might be the place if it up to Kilgore but I’d like to see that one at rose too
  2. And to think chapel hill or lindale can see Kilgore next week if they win
  3. I think they away team probaly why they sold so quick they must have less for visitors side
  4. Everything recapped and some real good thoughts in this podcast so let’s start it off https://www.buzzsprout.com/1363513/6508198
  5. I’m riding with cam to take this game over and ch wins
  6. Let’s goooo this team has something special definitely gone be at the next one vs lindale should be a packed house I’m thinking they play rose stadium
  7. Here’s some my madden football online maybe can cheer us jt fans up and se my pain I go through lol
  8. With pinkard at qb we had a chance I can just imagine what y’all will do to Sanchez I wouldn’t even count Sherman out of blowing this team out
  9. I feel worse about the Longview game now but it’s two games left I wouldn’t even wanna playoff spot if I was this team
  10. I think he already planing to be gone after this it no way we have to go another year with Sanchez I rather just go back to Allen Wilson offense
  11. Fire whoever is the one who thinks Sanchez is a qb you play you worst player at the most important position at least the worst qb he could probaly play wr I’ve been saying on my podcast smh well I got a lot to talk about this weekend
  12. Never think it would be this bad we been used to just reloading now they gone have to rebuild its all on coaching nobody is wanting to play for this staff for some reason might as well just put everybody on varsity they would have a lot of experience next few years
  13. Yea ford didn’t lose the job cuss of play not to Sanchez and I feel like pinkard going through same thing I’ve known him for a while was friends with his mom and he was not a trouble maker from what I’ve known being around him so i don’t see why he isn’t playing but since I haven’t talked to him or his people in while who knows but any coach can see sanchez isn’t a qb and you going to lose the important games with him
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