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  1. Carl Limbrick #34(Jasper) 157 yds. 2tds M. Courtney #2(Carthage) 169 yds. 4tds
  2. I got so caught up in our Boom Boom Pow moment yesterday I forgot to share something with you. Scott Surratt had a state championship ring in football before he came to Carthage. He was OC for Coach Norton at Texas High in 2002 when they won it all.
  3. Sorry, I did not hear you very well. Would you mind repeating that?
  4. Congrats to them C Dawgs. Typical Carthage team. Another well oiled machine. My best wishes to yall for the rest of the season. Just maybe, we can play yall again before the season is finished? ( A man gotta be careful what he wishes for) Take Care!
  5. I am sorry but COME ON MAN! there has got to be the appropriate thread.
  6. Oh! I thought I clicked on the Carthage vs Jasper thread.
  7. yes, for you not continue would be best, because you don't get it what so ever. 1 + 1= 2 BOOM WAS A REFERENCE TO THAT GREAT COACH CARTHAGE HIRED! meaning when they hired him the program took off! meaning they hired him 2007 and they were referring to him being the boom. House, you should really try seeing things thru rose colored glasses.
  8. we have no freshman team this year. Our Jv is made up by a lot of freshman (pandemic killed our participation numbers this season) anyways that said Carthage JV 26 Jasper Jv 14
  9. the fake news is what you made a blind reply to. you said it yourself that you commented because of what house said and did not know for yourself. that being my whole point had you known the WHOLE story I bet my house you and I wouldn't have had this delightful conversation. Take care!
  10. let me help you out my friend. Carthage's current coach took over in what year? BOOM = 2007. But you damn sure right about the unfair advantage though. having probably the best highschool coach in Texas is an unfair advantage! Take care!
  11. lol. I gonna be honest I did not read the article. I will though take it one step farther. Since 1968 when Jasper beat Carthage 42-8 you know what that makes the head to head record for our schools 2-2. The two wins for yall coming the next 2 times we played after 1969. Those years being 2012&2013. lmao at how that post makes seem way different. That said, in my 47 years of life I have been a all sports fan for as long as i can remember. During that time I have come to the realization there are times you just take your emotions out of it and tell it like it really is. Are my D
  12. I have no feelings my friend, as if as a Jasper fan I am not accustomed to losing to Carthage (along with everyone else who does). I am though sick of the now new "thing " of fake news aka lies. So rather than be part of it, take time to make time to find out for yourself about things.
  13. did you go read it for yourself? If so I am sure you have enough class to admit your statement is wrong. That is unless you consider people supporting the fact that yall are ranked #1 & have a great program to be excuses.
  14. As did I reference a forum. No need and saying things that are not true. I hope folks do go read it. they will see what you claim is false.
  15. NOT TRUE AT ALL! I started that thread over in that forum. the one even close comment to such as you say come from a WOS fan. the rest of the thread actually shows nothing but respect for Carthage program and boasting on how Surratt is a great coach and done a helluva job. So really, get over yourself and quit lying!
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