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  1. I have always liked USA Today newspaper (specifically the sports ) But I came across this article this morning that was posted Jan. 18th and they had wrong information listed for both Katy and Carthage. So I took upon my self to email to them the correct info for each school. Lol, damn it the best highschool football in USA (Texas) deserves to have the proper credit given to each of its schools. https://usatodayhss.com/lists/texas-high-school-football-most-state-championships-southlake-carroll-katy-aledo
  2. if i remember correctly other posters had said you did not get the channel the games will be on with the free trial. it is possible though I am wrong.
  3. for me when Bert Brocker (the creator/owner of Texan Live *) is calling games it tough for me to listen to a full game.
  4. This will be Westlake's 10th title game appearance. After last year's title game win the Chaps moved to 2 win 7 loss in state championship games. I think they get #3 against SLC
  5. I agree they should not be #2. LOL North SHore has beat them the past two seasons in title game.
  6. Helluva game! As a Jasper fans we went thru that same scenario with Liberty Hill in 2004 semi finals with the game ending with Jasper making a stop on the goal line to end/win the game. Those young men from Liberty Hill give it hell each and every game.
  7. BTW(by the way), while we are all here and it's 2020 for the non "moral victories" crusaders out there. Yes there are such things I know for a fact because I awarded myself a nice trophy just yesterday. I am proud to say to this point of the 2020 season them JASPER DAWGS gave Carthage their closest game and scored more than any other team. (lol including the one who whipped our rear ends in the very first round) Pathetic, trivial, whatever ya want to call it yes it probably is (lol) But it's my and I like it!! C-DAWGS I wish yall nothing but the best! take care! I see
  8. Yes, I do apologize. I see that BIG BOOGER BEAR on page 12. Didn't see him on intial scan thru. How that #5 Kip Lewis is listed in his class is interesting. all ya gotta do is just listen to p.a announcer when they on defense you soon will know that 5 is everywhere!
  9. I received the newest issue of RISING it's a recruiting guide with 400 plus Texas recruits. As many of you know I am sure, its part of subscription package of DCTF magazine. I think they do a great job on all they do and for the most part are very knowledgeable about our state's highschool football. I have to say though they completely dropped the ball with this issue. 1 and only 1 Carthage Bulldog is listed. While the young man is very deserving of the recognition I am amazed that no other player on a soon to be back to back state champion team with 30 game streak made the is
  10. The Red&White juggernaut that is named Carthage gonna roll right into Jerry's World and complete their undefeated season by beating those pesky Horse Chestnut trees (aka Buckeyes). 30 game win streak and State Title number 8 the GREAT firmly cements Carthage's program and the title spree they have been on as one of the greatest in Texas Highschool history.
  11. was the player that muffed it in the end zone trying to field the punt? Or the ball get knocked into the end zone?
  12. is it just me or is anyone else having issues with texan live website?
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