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  1. I didn't create the title. I copy and pasted. besides once you click on the link it shows title and article talks about it. really Kyle quit being a Grey fleck on a rainbow colored cake.
  2. what is so confusing? the title of article says Newton rb decommitted and that is exactly what it talks about. he committed in June to usc looking to join Darwin Barlow who transfered to usc from tcu. but usc firing the head coach last week Gatson decided he was not going there. he has a long list of schools to choose from. there is nothing that says "transfer" to usc, or whatever in the world you mean
  3. https://www.beaumontenterprise.com/sports/hs/article/Newton-running-back-decommits-from-Southern-Cal-16474464.php
  4. I was thinking Thelma & Louise. (Mike ya know you are my pal) I couldn't resist. power lifter you should love nature despite what it has done to you.
  5. so basically like I said. well versed with Coach's system. and no young man in highschool is gonna learn that on the fly his senior year. what I am saying for that particular offense a young man will have had some experience running it before competing for starter status .
  6. I am curious. what is the "alot more" you speak of? obviously, the qbs are well versed with Surratts " system" by the time they are even considered to be starting Varsity qb.
  7. lol. If Carthage or Gilmer were to win by 5 tds it would be "way closer" than title game they won by 8 tds. at the same time still be a complete azz kicking.
  8. I know it don't amount to squat, but just for fun gonna see how close cal preps is on their Carthage 48 Gilmer 19 prediction.
  9. seeing your profile pic you look alot like a real good buddy of mine named DAN.
  10. 33-20 WOS is up with 7:15 left in the game.
  11. my bad WOS scored with under a minute left in the half Mustangs 20 Eagles 14
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