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  1. If you end up deciding that just audio is good enough you can listen to it @ KJAS.com
  2. I have not clicked on the link or know what the setup with it/was. But Crawford you know there is no more free streaming (lol or not supposed to be) cause NHSF and Texan Live have the rights to the games. but hey if you can get it get it!
  3. it will be on Texan Live. per game cost is $6.95 or they have subscription option as well. now that is the playoffs no more free streaming of the games. NHSF & Texan Live have had the rights to the games for several years now. They laxed during the regular season. to try and help if/any the spreading of Covid19.
  4. why did yall play Thursday anyways? lmao, need that extra day to prepare for Gatesville?
  5. Crawford, didn't I try to tell them #32 was gonna have a heyday?!? Jasper 34 Madisonville 6 midway thru 3rd.
  6. Rusk had a hard time stopping Carl Limbrick when we beat them (he had around 180 yds) while I give the Eagles credit they were scrappy that night unless yall have a better defensive game plan against Center #32 is gonna have a heyday on yall. We pretty much sold out on the run and was able to contain him for the most part. The young man is LEGIT!! When need be, Center can throw the ball around the field as well. That said, guess what Eagles yall get to be our first 4th place team in our new District! Congrats and welcome to the playoffs.
  7. Actually come to find out Waco Connaly beat China Spring tonight. So as it stands China Spring we will play.
  8. First round assuming we win next will be against the third place team from Ditrict 9. if things stay as they were today I think it will be China Spring.
  9. Good game Center. Good luck the rest of the way to yall. I think our District will do well come playoffs. Take care.
  10. funny thing is, ole powerlifter doesn't post hardly if any at all (or least not with powerlifter id) over at the other website. i feel like Halloween is his favorite and he likes being in his super hero outfit and coming here to try and get a rise out of yall.
  11. Just curious my friend, why do you think Center will win?
  12. Carl Limbrick #34(Jasper) 157 yds. 2tds M. Courtney #2(Carthage) 169 yds. 4tds
  13. I got so caught up in our Boom Boom Pow moment yesterday I forgot to share something with you. Scott Surratt had a state championship ring in football before he came to Carthage. He was OC for Coach Norton at Texas High in 2002 when they won it all.
  14. Sorry, I did not hear you very well. Would you mind repeating that?
  15. Congrats to them C Dawgs. Typical Carthage team. Another well oiled machine. My best wishes to yall for the rest of the season. Just maybe, we can play yall again before the season is finished? ( A man gotta be careful what he wishes for) Take Care!
  16. I am sorry but COME ON MAN! there has got to be the appropriate thread.
  17. Oh! I thought I clicked on the Carthage vs Jasper thread.
  18. yes, for you not continue would be best, because you don't get it what so ever. 1 + 1= 2 BOOM WAS A REFERENCE TO THAT GREAT COACH CARTHAGE HIRED! meaning when they hired him the program took off! meaning they hired him 2007 and they were referring to him being the boom. House, you should really try seeing things thru rose colored glasses.
  19. we have no freshman team this year. Our Jv is made up by a lot of freshman (pandemic killed our participation numbers this season) anyways that said Carthage JV 26 Jasper Jv 14
  20. the fake news is what you made a blind reply to. you said it yourself that you commented because of what house said and did not know for yourself. that being my whole point had you known the WHOLE story I bet my house you and I wouldn't have had this delightful conversation. Take care!
  21. let me help you out my friend. Carthage's current coach took over in what year? BOOM = 2007. But you damn sure right about the unfair advantage though. having probably the best highschool coach in Texas is an unfair advantage! Take care!
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