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  1. Careful with that. People have been known to email Smoaky directly over similar posts.
  2. What talent did he have around him? Did any get D1 offers? I know Anderson went to Abilene Christian, but I don't think any others did.
  3. There there. Sorry me quoting your life back to you hurt you so much. But that truck ain't gonna wash itself.
  4. But Mav. Their dorms are named after Klan leaders and they defaced their MLK statue!
  5. Hey! This guy had time in between his boring Saturday to come and harass us with his anecdotal evidence! Awesome! You'd have thought he had a truck to wash or something
  6. Ehhh I don't think fans overhyping players/recruits has anything to do with what happens on the field... Fran wasn't accomplished either. He won at TCU which was a midmajor at the time... And he never outright even won a conference title. Sherman was not "very accomplished". Lmao had he ever even been a collegiate head coach? Neither of those guys were close to anything Fisher had done.
  7. Well there's a reason they're paid for their analysis of a sport and you're not...
  8. Disagree. A&M has had talent, but never close to being on par with the teams who DO win championships. A&M hasn't had top 5 classes pretty much ever, much less over a sustained period. Sumlin has one of the highest winning percentages as a head coach here. He wasn't that bad. What "excellent" coaches has A&M had? Bear Bryant for 3 years? Jackie Sherrill for 5? Elaborate more on this "way we live" that supposedly prevents a football team from winning a championship?
  9. Lmao I say call their bluff. Doubt that happens.
  10. Bruh, they've already banned Speedy Gonzalez once, only bringing him back after protests from Mexicans, who were huge fans. A lot of old movies and cartoons have been banned. It's straight up something out of a George Orwell novel.
  11. Sherman was doing great things. Manziel won the Heisman because he has an offensive line full of future NFL talent in front of him, 3 first round picks. And of course he was throwing to some pretty talented guys that Sherman got. The problem with Sherman was that he was a TAD too proud and decided that he could serve as OC when his OC left. He did okay at that, but he completely lost game management. Why do you think he blew so many leads in 2011? It's because he couldn't manage the game properly while worrying about calling plays. Had he hired an OC, he'd have stuck around. I don't know if that would have led to Manziel and the awesome 2012-2013 seasons, but he'd have been around for them. So it's a bit of give and take. They were definitely exciting years under Sumlin.
  12. It's a bit early regarding Herm. And I don't think anyone would fault you for thinking Sumlin was better suited for the PAC.
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