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  1. Auburn does #### this year. Should've lost to Arkansas and Ole Miss. They have so much talent, but they're just not playing up to it.
  2. To be fair, that's every team other than like Clemson and Alabama.
  3. I would not be surprised to see Texas beat OK St. Probably by 2 possessions. They've looked much better and Ok St didn't look all that impressive today.
  4. Yes. This is a textbook example of people infiltrating an established area, making demands to change things, and then abandoning it once it becomes shitty due to their policies/demands. I'm sorry it's happening to Texas.
  5. Jeez. Even our mighty class of 05 Freshman team (lost 1 game each year) was only beating teams by narrow margins. Nacogdoches was a big win (like 35-0) but otherwise every game was within 1 possession. They must have some absolute beasts. And I think the guys having the plays and such drilled into them at a younger age helps. When I was there Collins/King had only been around 1 year.
  6. Nah. I feel like A&M will definitely lose a game. EVERY game other than maybe Tennessee here on out is losable. A&M should be favored in all of them, but some of them will be very close and with enough of those, it's bound to happen. Arkansas and South Carolina have looked decent, much improved. Ole Miss on offense has looked dangerous at times. LSU has struggled but they're still loaded with athletes. Auburn too. The only good news is that for once we'll be playing Arkansas off a big win for them. Not when they're in a wounded animal state trying to turn their season aroun
  7. I'll tell you what's going on there, in his native tongue: "We don't want none them old girl; that new girl tigah, we tigahs, go tigahs"
  8. Maybe that's why Lion was so bitter all those years. He wanted Coach King but King balked at going there.
  9. Nice. I saw us swarming the ball and returning it. Glad our guys are hungry and aggressive for that!
  10. Saw him in HS and swore that between him and Malcolm Brown, Texas was going to be loaded and unstoppable on the ground for years to come. Don't really know what happened there.
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