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  1. Hey this big XII you face now is nothing like we went through. Plus we had Fran.
  2. Lmao can you imagine supposedly being on a plane flight to another continent and your headspace being absolutely owned by another collegiate football team?
  3. To their credit, they've faced some good OOC opponents over the years and have scheduled some good ones in years to come.
  4. Hey when you play an SEC team with something on the line, you're quickly put in the same boat. But breezing through the Big XII before getting beat by an SEC team is something to be proud of I guess.
  5. Hard to be much worse than last year's offense.
  6. Excellent! So now it's not just A&M living in your head and dictating what you do.... You have great company with db, although you at least went to Texas so I can somewhat respect that.
  7. Certainly not obsessed! You don't spend your weekends here posting BS straw man arguments or anything! Certainly not obsessed. No sir. More A&M posts, please. Your obsession has been noted and grows with each post. Keep it up.
  8. Whoa. Nice. Rice isn't what they used to be, but it's always a solid win to beat them. A&M beat Miami-OH pretty bad last night 17-1. Hard to take much from the game or on the new pitching coach. Miami-OH is pretty weak on pitching and defense. That said, they did return most of their position players from their team last year who went something like 37-19.
  9. Cool. You'd think that'd mean you'd stick to Texas threads and not post bs straw man arguments in this one if you "weren't concerned". But you don't. Actions speak louder than words. Keep your obsession alive and going. It suits you.
  10. Yeah for how tough it was this past year, it'll be much more favorable this year.
  11. Maaaan Horn fans are really upset at our recruiting class. They're posting more about our team than theirs.
  12. Dude they're SO much fun. Yes, teams here hey murdered when playing teams from the Midwest and Great Lakes regions, but it's still fun and competitive here.
  13. Love going to these games. They're a LOT of fun. When etbu came in November I was impressed. They have A&M all they wanted and more.
  14. It's some angry fans at A&M having their best class ever.
  15. He bragged about cheating... Playing semantics doesn't change that.
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