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  1. I spit my drink... You ain't right...
  2. JohnnyFootball

    Woodward to LSU?

    Dang. Loved him the few times I had lunch with him. Tough loss for us.
  3. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    That's fair, although "But he’s a good Christian man and has a disease and he’s a good ole boy " sounds pretty sarcastic. I'd argue A&M didn't really "decline" per se. A&M never did all that well in the Big XII and then we turned and won the SEC. We changed from "Go to tournament yearly" into "Go to tournament every other year and go a few rounds deeper". Not really declining outside of BK's first few years .
  4. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    1. That's weird that he just happened to get a lot of Sweet 16 caliber players who wanted to come here already. Strange how that hasn't happened before. 2. That's fair... From a numbers standpoint, no other coach got us to 2 Sweet 16s. Was Turgeon better? He got to the tournament and won a game every year for like 4 years straight, but always got beat in the second round. 3. Regardless, I'm excited for Coach Williams.... Just don't see the point in dancing on Kennedy's grave.
  5. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Despite him? He built those teams lmao! That "lame duck" coach is the most successful we've ever had.
  6. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    I mean he recruited talent that got him to the Sweet 16 (the furthest A&M has ever been) TWICE. And he won a conference championship for the first time in 2 decades. He didn't develop players, nor have the Xs and Os, but it wasn't like we were some basketball power that fell off the map.
  7. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    We were lucky Blaum and Hoener played... They accounted for a few of our hits and runs. Nice road win... But I'm more concerned with LSU this weekend.
  8. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Texas is fighting a few injuries too IIRC.
  9. JohnnyFootball

    UT A&M negotiations for renewing rivalry

    You can't just arbitrarily exclude those teams. For someone who brags about knowing what averages are, you sure are working hard to show you don't understand what it means lmao! Sure, those 4 teams produced almost 60% of the draft picks. And teams like Kentucky or Vanderbilt produced closer to 0. On average, the teams in the SEC have more draft picks. Same as you argued the average Big 12 team had a tougher strength of schedule. You could also say, "Well the top 3 teams in the Big XII made up most of that SoS, so you're conference bragging if you think the Big 12 has tougher SoS overall". That's how averages work, after all.
  10. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    You guys don't understand. We are missing a third of our starting lineup. Two of those guys were in our top 3 batting. We had trouble scoring against Mizzou all weekend once we lost those guys.
  11. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Missing a 3rd of your starting lineup is tough. Still, I just hope for decent pitching and some good ABs to get ready for LSU. And for Blaum and Hoener to get healthy. H Coleman is out for 4-6 weeks.
  12. JohnnyFootball

    UT A&M negotiations for renewing rivalry

    Post of the year right here. A most excellent assessment.
  13. Yeah that was the thing. He didn't score all that many points- he didn't have to. But when we absolutely needed him, he was there. Consider our season ended many times of special teams miscues. 2003- Miss FG to end regulation, lost in OT 2005- Missed FG 2006- Blocked FG 2009- Bad special teams miscues on kickoffs and such 2010- Blocked punt 2014- Missed FG 2015- Missed FG 2016- Missed FG 2017- Missed FG Finally that one chink in our armor was closed.
  14. I don't want to beat a dead horse, but the kicker we had this year came up big a few times in the playoffs. Once against Tascosa to give us a double digit lead (which ended up being the difference) and once in the state championship game to pull us to within 5 (again, it ended up being the difference), which let us score a TD to take the lead the next drive. The 2016 and 2017 teams were missing a good kicker. However, I agree 100% on the Jessie Anderson mention. He was a BEAST of a RB. Very physical and off the top of my head, I can think of several clutch plays he made that kept our season going. He scored a TD against the fast, physical Westfield defense to break what was a 0-0 tie. He scored the game-winning TD vs West Brook, and also made a tackle that ended up being HUGE on a 2-point attempt that was going the other way. Plus, he was always clutch inside the 20. You knew he was a sure bet... He scored a few close TDs in the playoffs against Tascosa, West Brook, Vandegrift, and Rockwall.