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  1. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Opening day is tomorrow! I'm so excited for baseball.
  2. How do you accidentally give players PEDs? I'm guessing there will be a lot of these "accidents" if that excuse holds up.
  3. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    We are QBU! We supplied teams with good QBs... Like the Browns... TCU... OU...
  4. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    I really like Coach Deggs over at SHSU. I always hope they do well except that one Tuesday we play them. They're a very tough team who ALWAYS plays tough. For some reason I thought we played there more often than we did. Weird.
  5. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Saw them and many others out on Kyle yesterday. Wondered what was going on.
  6. But then you get players transferring out ala Bama, Clemson, A&M/OU back then
  7. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    If the price is right ha. I'm always with family on Thanksgiving Day. If the game is that weekend like LSU this year, I'd go.
  8. JohnnyFootball

    ⚾ 2019 College Baseball

    Exactly. Fresno State went something like 29-27 that one year, needed to win the WAC tourney to make the postseason, and ended up winning it all. A&M made it to Omaha in 2017 because we got hot late in the season and got an easier draw in the Super Regionals because UNC didn't handle business. We have a great pitching staff, mostly of Lefties. John Doxakis SHOULD be our ace... followed by Asa Lacy (lefty who came on strong in the SEC tourney last year) and Chandler Jozwiak (another left, throws hard, has a tough slider breaking in towards right-handers). Sadly, that leaves us without a good right-hander, although SOMEONE usually steps up. I don't know about our bullpen. I liked Hoffman last year, but he's gone. Again, someone will have to step up and you may see a bit of tinkering early in the season with the rotation/bullpen. We have a few guys who produced runs coming back... Including Shewmake. Hopefully he doesn't battle injury this season and he returns to his 2017 form.
  9. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    Maybe you're confusing him with me... Although I'm not "dead set" against it, I don't want to play it. That said, I'd inevitably sell my tickets every other year which WOULD bring a pretty penny lol
  10. Exactly. I'm sure those are nothing like what the players will get... But still. The idea of getting "a ring" is reserved for them. I like things like the special LNJ cover and whatnot to frame instead.
  11. JohnnyFootball

    Aggies 2019 Thread

    He is. I've seen him during/after Breakaway (on-campus kind of church for students) on Tuesday nights.
  12. JohnnyFootball

    Conference Realignment?

    Yeah well you have to consider a few things: 1. About 85% of fans are ignorant. I can't sit in the stands at a Longview or A&M game because the fans spew some of the most ignorant drivel, usually about their own team. And it's not limited to them. I've been to several bowl games and other HS playoff games and fans of those teams are the exact same. 2. ESPN/Sports Media say what will get them clicks/views. It's their business model. Saying things that people agree with or people will find outrageous will get them clicks.
  13. JohnnyFootball

    Conference Realignment?

    That's pretty ridiculous. And yeah, OU got in trouble against Army because they scored a little TOO quickly. They'd score in 40 seconds and then Army would drain the clock. I think they had run something like 24 plays by the time the 4th quarter had started! That's because they'd score TDs in like 4 plays and in those first 3 quarters, Army had drives of 16, 16, and 19 plays. Crazy. Still, in terms of points per play, that's unheard of. In our best year when Johnny was going crazy, we only had .564 points per play. And yeah, I love sites like this with tons of numbers. Good stuff.
  14. JohnnyFootball

    Conference Realignment?

    https://www.teamrankings.com/college-football/stat/plays-per-game Do consider a few things: A&M and LSU are inflated due to their 7OT game. There are 3 Big XII teams in the top 10 (none in the SEC.... Mizzou was the top SEC team, ranked #13). And there are 5 SEC teams not in the top 100 (1 Big XII team- Oklahoma). So yeah, I think that we have to take into account the styles of play of each conference when saying one is better offensively or defensively than another. SEC teams don't give up as many points because they aren't on the field as long. Big XII teams score more because they're on the field more.