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  1. That’s what we get when @LOL hires people from Spring Hill to run things
  2. Gotta come to play every week. If the Lobos do that, there's no reason they can't run the table in district play.
  3. You've done nothing but carry water for the state of Arkansas since you've been on this board. I understand why you're upset. This game was a revelation that you didn't like- that Arkansas High School Football is not in the same universe as Texas High School Football. A team that has easily won your largest division the last several years came down to Texas and got smacked by a rebuilding team full of sophomores. The far and away best of Arkansas football couldn't keep the game close against Longview who is not the best that Texas has to offer this season. But here's some solace-
  4. Man you're more optimistic than I am. But that is a good point. The A&M OL has struggled...... in pass pro. They can still run the ball well, just not as well as last year. The problem is that Jimbo hasn't even tried to establish the run like he did last year. In game 1 he was trying to force Haynes to make good reads and throws before leaning on the run game in the 4th quarter. Then did the same thing in game 3 against UNM. Game 2 was just the same- forcing Calzada to get into game speed which was tough since he came off the bench and you could tell he had no intention of playing th
  5. If the A&M OL doesn’t play better they will lose this one.
  6. Lmao the game wasn’t even close. The score looked close because Bryant scored on the last play of the game and Longview fumbled a handoff (unforced) on our own 5. Other than that, Bryant got completely shut down and outplayed by Longview. If you’d like to play the game again I’m sure Coach King would love the easy cupcake victory and we can send you crawling back to your hole again.
  7. Again we have a spread I swear we won’t cover. Then we do but don’t play well and it feels weird. OL is moving guys around a lot but they’ve got to play better if we are going to have a chance next weekend against a salty Arkansas team.
  8. It's at 11am, right? They always advertise it as being at "high noon", but it's only "high noon" for the east coast. How repulsive.
  9. Not their best work, but I smiled. And seeing Herbie at the end of these really ruins it.
  10. Rushing the field. They've had a rough few year.
  11. 309 yards on the ground Sheesh Worried about Arkansas now with Haynes out.
  12. I picked Texas to win, not cover the spread. But even then I thought Arkansas could win. Didn't think they'd look like this after how bad they looked at Rice for 3 quarters.
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