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  1. This is what laughing looks like, everyone!
  2. He's not. He's LAUGHING! Really. Not mad. Not triggered. Laughing. Unless he's crying to mods. Even then, though! It's funny to him! He's LAUGHING!!!
  3. He's LAUGHING! Remember that! He's totally not crying to mods/admins. He's LAUGHING!
  4. You asked why High Schools don't do a similar system and I answered it. Then you called them excuses instead of acknowledging that high school and college are different, have different needs, face different challenges, etc. The NFL is a 32-team league. They're not dealing with school as well. High schools are all within bus distance of one-another. I agree that the current playoff system in college isn't the best possible solution and needs to be changed quite a bit. But you asked a question and I answered it. And also the rhetoric of saying it isn't a "true" playoff is a joke when literally what FBS does falls within the dictionary definition of playoff.
  5. A few reasons that that is not an apples to apples comparison... 1. High School plays a 10-game schedule, not a 12-game schedule with a conference championship on top of it. 2. High Schools have different divisions within each classification and district to take care of. They don't even do that right at the moment. 3. There are 32 districts, not 8, in HS football. High Schools take 4 teams from each district, not just their champion. 3b. This leads to several years where teams like Longview play a 2-8 team in the playoffs. Nobody wants that. People DO complain about it. 4. In HS, teams are having to travel in state, in the same region until the later stages. They're not having to fly across country as they do in College. Plus, it costs more to transport a college team, band, etc. than HS w/band. 5. There is far more exposure and ability to read talent/skill in college with every game televised. Not saying the playoff committee is infallible, but they have a much better time of evaluating teams that are on TV every week than 200+ HS teams who aren't on TV. 6. Every district determines standings in the same way in HS. Not the case in college. 7. There's no concept of a P5 conference or midmajor in HS.
  6. I've come to believe that coaches who won at Houston may be fools gold. It's an easy place to win- favorable schedule, large talent pool to pull from... And also winning in the AAC is way different from winning in the Big XII or SEC. I also think a lot of people looked at the game that Houston won vs OU in early 2016 and thought Herman was the guy to knock off OU and win the Big XII. Not exactly a bad assumption to make. All that said, I still think Herman is a decent coach and a good OC. But if Texas is going to be back to winning 10 games every year, I don't know that he'll be the one to do it.
  7. Have tried to get through to them before. You're wasting your breath. If it doesn't fit THEIR definition of a playoff, it isn't a playoff to them. Never mind the actual definition of a playoff, or the fact that an invitational tournament is a form of playoff.
  8. Dunno what's worse. That or him thinking he's clever/funny by repeating "Jimbo fizzle" on repeat.
  9. We had 4 non conference games in the Big XII too... A lot of that has to do with other factors though. Like coach Fran wrecking our program from 2003-2009 or so. Sherman did his best to rebuild it and did an okay job. I still don't think Sumlin was horrible. He won 8-9 games every year.
  10. Tons of great food, though. I agree- it's a nice place to visit, but I could never live there.
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