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  1. Shazam...didn't know that. Haven't seen the schedule. Thanks.
  2. I know 6A teams at times go across the state and sometimes even to another part of the country to play a pre district game. But I don’t think the lower classifications ever do it, do they? I’d love to see my Paris Wildcats play Brownwood or Stephenville. It’s not all that far. About the same distance on the other side of the metroplex.
  3. Being a local, I knew this subject would raise its ugly head.
  4. To me, the east Texas line should run all the way from the Red River to the Gulf. Now just exactly where that line should be is a matter of opinion if you ask people from West Texas, to them it is anything east of Dallas. Congratulations to Gunter. They just had more hosses.
  5. Texarkana not in E. Texas? No Texas left when you go east from Texarkana
  6. What a run! At this stage of the season hope y’all don’t mind some football news from another part of the state. https://bigcountrypreps.com/2019/12/02/haskell-girls-basketball/
  7. Canadian will cruise in to Jerryworld.
  8. Cisco just as well get back on the bus at halftime.
  9. They say Cisco has vastly improved since mid-season. I haven’t seen either team play. I do know the coaching staff at Cisco is second to none and they will be well prepared. Will that be enough?
  10. Would Darrell Green qualify? Or if you want to go back a few years, Raymond Berry and Gene Stallings who both played for Paris High at the same time.
  11. I just assumed Paris being a fourth placed team would be the the underdog playing a district champ.
  12. Fourth place in district, Paris plays district champ Alvarado in McKinney. I’ll go with the upset, how about y’all?
  13. His teams have always played above their heads and above their talent level. He’s still a young man. I wonder if he’s ever been offered a position at a larger program?
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