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  1. I haven't seen Bells in a long time. They had a good run last year and are said to be better. I know Holliday is usually a very physical team that can play defense the offense tends to get bettter as the season progresses. Holliday has played a pretty tough schedule. Not sure about Bells, how they do against Holliday's defense will give a good indication. Bells vs Gunter coming in a couple of weeks.
  2. I see where Pilot Point had 600 yards of offense against Castleberry. Hollar had about 350 himself passing and running. Gunter is young and talented but will need a clean game. Week 1 PP played Plainview, OK.
  3. Too early to have much of a clue, but should be a good one.
  4. I am having trouble getting to pages of a thread. If i open page 1 I can't get to page 2 etc. Same user name different computers, different browsers, same problem. Anyone else have this problem?
  5. Daingerfield should be very tough.
  6. Pretty sure the 13 years was all head coach. His record as head coach is 151-26 so that is an average of 13.6 games per season. I think he was DC 2 years. Pretty sure this will be the youngest team he has fielded in the last 5 years. Good young players though.
  7. Didn't see it, but 971 to 323 enrollment is a pretty tough scrimmage opponent. Another covid effect. But it's a scrimmage - the idea is to come out healthy and practice against somebody in the another uniform. Other than the all-state linebacker who was already out another couple of weeks with a broken thumb apparently Gunter succeeded in that regard. Good luck in that tough district.
  8. Coach was defensive coordinator before becoming head coach.
  9. I don't see how Big 10 or college football in general affects Texas high school football.
  10. Sorry to hear this news but you will cherish the memories. I have a similar relationship with my son and grandsons - we go to all the games. I'll be the first to go, I hope. My mother turned 98 last month in a nursing home. We have not been able to see her for months except for 2 weeks she was in the hospital, but not with Covid. She survived and is now back at the nursing home and we still can't visit her.
  11. Sunnyvale is at a huge disadvantage for the season. They can't even practice til late September while all their district mates start with week 1 as they normally would. Or so I hear.
  12. Well it's all set - Gunter vs Van Alstyne, 11 miles down the road. The teams scrimmage every year. I wonder if that will change this year.
  13. Sunnyvale unfortunately is in Dallas County and can't play. Apparently they are not even allowed to go to Gunter and play either. Hopefully there is a 4A and under team that had a private school or someone in a hot county that also needs an opponent.
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