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  1. Funny we hear it was DF that decided to go elsewhere. But Melissa is not much closer. Gunter will be shortening the distance but suburb Sunnyvale is hard to get to in rush hour. They were 12-1 in 4AD2 last year so they should be in the same league as Daingerfield. I'd rather go the distance and keep Daingerfield on the schedule myself.
  2. Last year we drove more than 2000 miles to 16 football games. Next year will be a whole lot less even if we play 16.
  3. Thanks for all the complimentary remarks about Gunter's performance last night. We are very proud. This team has flown under the radar for much of the year as they developed into a championship team after returning only 4 on each side of the ball. Great season for Pewitt as well.
  4. I had regular Hulu and added live TV. So, I wanted to record some of the games but the DVR interface is pretty crude. I can only record all the games as a series. As far as I can tell. And my internet is not really reliable enough to cut the cable. I have Dish and am paying $160. Would love to cut the cable though.
  5. But they didn't cut your bill did they. I am in the same boat. So I signed up for Hulu Live at least for the championship game.s
  6. I am an unfortunate Dish customer but I signed up for Hulo Live yesterday. I will be at the game however.
  7. You can probably get them for $14 through the school and they get credit for that. We just pay the 15 bucks at the stadium. if you already have a ticket that will save you from having to walk as far, you just go straight to the entrance. Safe travels...
  8. Just informaton only, Pigskin ranks Gunter with the 9th strongest schedule in 3AD2 and Pewitt 37th. Based on Pigskin power ratings. Gunter will lose pre-game. They always do.
  9. Easy? Ask Potts fans if they thought it was easy.
  10. I really prefer the west texas district. Holliday and City View are good competition. Henrietta has also had some good teams as has Nocona. Travel is pretty rough however. But our old district was very weak. Gunter and all its fans have great respect for Canadian. It takes a super effort to get past them, and talk is they are better than last year. Last year their defense was especially good allowing 7 to Gunter, and in the final they shut Newton out in the second half. This one really gets the blood pumping. Looks like good weather in Vernon, a long drive for both teams. But both teams have had long trips all season.
  11. At this point Canadian has to be the favorite. But there is alot of football to be played yet.
  12. Gunter is not under center nor a spread. Pistol option,/flexbone, etc. Holliday runs the wing T
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