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  1. Over the last 40 years or so $trillions that should have gone to worker wages has instead been funneled to corporate coffers and investors. That is why the stock market is at record highs...and so is demand at food banks. The business community has enjoyed historically high profits while wages stagnated (or worse) and the taxpayers were stuck with the tab.
  2. E-verify has been around for a long time...probably 15 years or so...and no administration has seriously tried to make it mandatory. I always thought it was odd that Trump...for all his bluster about stopping illegal immigration...never pushed for it either. Making e-verify mandatory would do more to stop illegal immigration than any wall ever could by cutting off the economic incentive to violate our laws. Too bad the dems want illegal immigraton because they want to use third world migrants to change the racial demographics of the US for their own political gain...and the "Chamber of Commerc
  3. Fwiw...Sen Manchins daughter is/was the CEO of Mylan Pharmaceuticals when Mylan jacked up the price of an epipen by 600% in less than a decade.
  4. Idk...but anyone making less than $12.29 an hour...and that is millions and millions of workers...are making less than the federal minimum wage in 1968 (when adjusted to todays $)
  5. Google is your friend https://www.dollartimes.com/inflation/items/1968-united-states-minimum-wage
  6. Todays federal mw is $7.25 an hour. The federal mw from 1968 would be worth (in todays $) over $12 an hour when adjusted for inflation. In other words...low skill workers today are making $5 an hour less than their grandparents made doing the same jobs. We have devalued the labor of low skilled workers to the point that for some/many of them going to a job is no longer worth it. No one thinks that a ditch digger should make the same as a brain surgeon...but working has to be profitable for the workers too...and not just for the owners, executives and investors. Btw, I do not favor a $15 mw...b
  7. According to FBI crime stats (I can post a link if you would like) black Americans make up 13% of the population...but are responsible for 53% of all homicides. Black males between the ages of 15-34 are 2% of the population but make up 37% of all shooting deaths...with the vast majority of those shootings committed by other young black men. Maybe the reason a disproportionate number of black men are killed by police is because a disproportionate number of black men are involved in violent encounters with the police? It is not bad cops killing black men (and where it is a bad cop they should b
  8. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/health/2021/02/23/young-black-men-teens-made-up-more-than-third-2019-gun-homicides/4559929001/ Despite the lefts narrative it is not racist whites...or rogue cops...or the kkk...or white seperatists...killing young black men. It is other young black men killing young black men. Why is that...and what can be done to change it?
  9. Fortunately for the gop their main competition is the democrats. So no matter how disfunctional they are...no matter how much of a state of disarray they might be in...they will still be ok because the dims are equally bad. Because of the democratic agenda I will be shocked if the repubs do not regain control of the house and senate in the next election cycle.
  10. The guy sues nuns for holding to their faith. https://www.nationalreview.com/2021/02/what-kind-of-bully-harasses-nuns/
  11. Nothing really wrong with him going to Cancun right now...but the optics of it are pretty terrible.
  12. Im guessing he was liquered up when he posted that. The good folks of Colorado City deserve better.
  13. Right now it is 69 degrees in my house...because that is what the thermostat is set at . We have been so lucky...our water has not froze and our power has not even blinked. Daughter and son in law in Tyler have not had power since Monday night. Daughter and son in law in Nac have not had power since this morning. Better them than me and mom. Just kidding...sort of .
  14. Problem is that the "anything for a buck" mentality is (imo) the rule and not the exception...particularly in big business. Nothing wrong with making money...but money should be made not only legally but ethically and never by exploiting the powerless.
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