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  1. Looks like Im the only one watching lol.
  2. NFL needs to adopt the XFLs format for extra pts.
  3. I like Seattles unis. DC...not so much. Thumbs up for the 25 second play clock. Thumbs down for the weird kickoff.
  4. Not sure how the DC Defenders are a 7 1/2 pt favorite when neither team has ever played a game.
  5. 5+ hours on the yellow dog to get back and forth. Dang. thats tough on a Thursday night.
  6. That would be ok with me. Athens and Mabank added some windshield time. I did not even know where Mabank is located. Had to google them lol. 101 miles each way.
  7. Athens Chapel Hill Henderson Kilgore Lindale Mabank Palestine
  8. I heard a sports reporter say that "Jerry Jones would like to see some of the offensive assistant coaches retained". Has it started already?
  9. Maybe McCarthy can do something Gailey, Campo, Parcells, Phillips and Garrett couldnt. Going to be hard with the same GM.
  10. Mankind can put men on the moon but can not learn to live in peace with one another. Maybe someday we will finally beat our swords into plowshares...but I doubt it.
  11. Does this mean Jerry thinks he has found his new guy? McCarthy?
  12. At this point I assumed they were just going to way until his contract expired so Jerry would not have to technically fire him. Garrett seems like a good guy but his ceiling as a head coach is just a notch above average and that will not get it done.
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