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  1. Lot if football still to be played but they look like an 8-8 team to me...kind of like the last 20 years. Maybe this team is just not as talented as all the "experts" seem to think. Something about that star on the helmet makes everyone think players are better than they really are.
  2. New season...new coach...same 'ol Cowboys. Cant make a play (offense or defense) when the game is on the line and now 1-7 in last eight games decided by one TD or less.
  3. Guess Im not going to Kaufmann Friday night. Never been to a game at Kaufmann. I was going to check their stadium off of my "life list".
  4. Yeah, the media seems to have a different definition of "peaceful" than I do.
  5. Apparently arson and thievery is legal if you call it a protest.
  6. No one can form a circular firing squad quite like the democratic party lol.
  7. Im not crazy about Pres Trump but he is a heck of a lot better choice than Biden. At some point the dems can no longer hide Joe. It will be "game over" when he starts trying to answer questions.
  8. The Jacob Blake shooting was completely justified. Anyone that says otherwise has either not seen the video or they have an agenda and do not care about the truth. The George Floyd situation is more complicated.
  9. I am not judging Kyles guilt or innocence...that is the courts responsibility. I am saying that no matter his guilt or innocence three people were shot and two are now dead and he could grow old in prison. That is the kind of thing that happens when a bunch of moron anarchists meet up with a wannabe bad***. Im pretty sure Kyles family and the families of the two dead folks wish they had all stayed home that night.
  10. 3 shot, 2 dead and a 17 yo might be facing decades in prison. I hope it was worth it. Smh.
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