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  1. So, when Rep Schrader says "the dems messaging did not resonate"...isnt he really saying that when dems admit what they actually stand for it does not resonate?
  2. Not the outcome I was hoping for but it is the outcome I expected. Glad it is over.
  3. If you go lootin' grab me a new fish finder for my boat.
  4. There might be a few isolated cases of right wing knuckleheads acting stupid...but there will not be the widespread rioting, looting and burning that the left would subject the country too. Of course, there would be a huge difference in the way the media portrays right wing violence compared to how they would portray left wing violence.
  5. Trump pretty much has to carry Michigan. He needed to flip a couple of states that went to Hillary in 2016 but has not done so while Biden did flip Az so Pres Trumps path to 270 is very narrow with no margin for error.
  6. We could easily end up with Biden winning 270-268. Closest in history.
  7. As of right now Trump needs to run the table in Penn, Georgia, NC and Mich.
  8. How? Well, my best guess is that Pres Trump will not hold all of the mid-western battleground states that he won last time. Instead of sweeping Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, and Ohio like he did in 2016 it is more likely imo that this time he takes two and Joe takes two. Then, either Florida, Arizona or Georgia goes blue putting Biden around 300 electoral votes (I have not done the exact math). Trump needs to flip a couple of states that went to Hillary last time and I just dont see that being likely. Like I said...hope I am wrong. If nothing else I would like to see Trump win just to wat
  9. I think Biden wins with around 300 electoral votes. I'm no fan of the current prez but he is still a better choice than Joe so I hope I am wrong.
  10. Biden is utterly irrelevant in this election. Tomorrow is one thing...a referendum on Pres Trump. Biden just happened to be the guy the dems put on the ballot and his potential policies as prez mean nothing. Other then a few democratic "true believers" that are completely blinded by their loyalty to the democratic party is there anyone that is actually enthusiastic about Joe Biden? I dont think so.
  11. Trump voters are more enthusiastic about their candidate...but young people are voting in droves and most of those votes will go to Biden. Whether it is good or bad to have the POTUS chosen by the generation that eats Tide pods is a discussion for another day lol.
  12. The dems are just as bad. Businesses in the cities are not boarding up because they are worried about right wing looting, burning and rioting.
  13. Truth is...both parties are self serving and corrupt to their core. Trump is a crude, vulgar narcissist with the morals of an alley cat. Joe is a pathetic career politician that has been camped out in DC since I was in the 4th grade...and I am a 57 yo grandfather. The democrats are democrats first and Americans second. The republicans are republicans first and Americans second. They see you and I as useful idiots that only exist to help them achieve their true goals...enriching themselves while gaining or maintaining their power. A pox on both their houses.
  14. I will agree that if Trump pulls 20% of the black vote he will win in a landslide. I just dont see him getting anywhere near 20%.
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