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  1. Never read the books but loved the mini-series. Fav scene is where Gus shoots the bandit that is dancing around like a chicken because he thinks he is out of range.
  2. There will not be a secession. Right or wrong that was settled in 1865.
  3. My 6 cylinder, 2 wheel drive truck will do anything I need a truck to do. Lifted trucks with oversize tires are not something I would spend my $ on but if that is your thing then go for it. Heck, when I met my wife I drove a red, 1979 Trans Am. Had the screaming eagle decal on the hood...shaker hood scoop...4 speed manual transmission...now we have a Nissan hatchback (sigh).
  4. Idk about $15 per hour...but when adjusted for inflation the federal minimum wage from 1968 (the mw's peak) would be over $12 per hour today.
  5. As someone that believes that life begins at conception and is vehemently opposed to abortion I think this is great. With that said, I also think that if the hard right really wants to end abortion they need to become actually pro-life and not just anti-abortion...because those are two different things. Many of the same people that (rightfully) want to end abortion would also gleefully gut our (already minimal) economic safety nets...when financial insecurity is one of the top reasons women give for terminating a pregnancy. It is not "pro life" to tell a scared, unmarried, pregnant 18 year old
  6. I hope you are right since leaders can be replaced...but I suspect it goes much deeper than that.
  7. Is there anything stopping PP from providing those healthcare services through Medicade without abortion?
  8. Just because abortion is legal does not make it right. Slavery used to be legal too.........
  9. Dems better tread carefully. Even if Biden did win the election Trump still got over 74,000,000 votes. The left is so blinded by their hatred they absolutely can not comprehend that everyone does not agree with them. They should just ride out the next dozen days...get Joe in the WH...and start proving they can actually govern. Otherwise, they will be throwing gasoline on the fire.
  10. I find it odd the way the media is characterizing these morons as violent rioters...while BLM protests were called "mostly peaceful" no matter how many businesses were looted and burned. I do not believe the election was stolen...but most of the media has cast aside all pretense of impartiality and today is little more than the propaganda wing of the democratic party. Regardless, Biden will take the oath on Jan 20 and most of us will go right on with our lives. This too shall pass.
  11. Until the Civil War a citizen could literally knock on the door of the WH and ask to speak to the president.
  12. Multi-culturalism doing what it does...tearing society apart.
  13. Does this end in the near future...or do things spiral out of control all across the land?
  14. I have never been to a riot. Might be fun to act lie a complete knucklehead.
  15. Exactly. Just like when "woke" NBA players are paid $millions to be a spokesman for Nike or Adidas shoes made in Vietnamese sweatshops. They are no different than a 19th century plantation owner...enriching themselves by the exploitation of the powerless.
  16. This is a heartbreaking story. Im sure when the pastor showed up at the church Sunday morning the only thing on his mind was delivering a good sermon on Epiphany Sunday...only to be murdered with his own gun. Smh.
  17. Mitch and Nancy have been in Washington for a combined 68 years. That is definitely not what the Founders had in mind.
  18. On the one hand this is completely unacceptable behavior...on the other hand maybe it would not be such a bad thing if the political aristocracy feared the peasant class a little bit.
  19. I suspect there is some pretty bad blood between Herman and the bosses at Texas after they went after Urban Meyer while Herman was still the HC. I dont blame Texas for moving on but give me one reason why I should think Sarkisian will be an upgrade? He was basically a 7-5 coach at Washington. He was basically a 7-5 coach at USC. No reason to think it will be any different this time.
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