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  1. Texas Sports Radio Legend, Hall of Famer, and Dallas Cowboy PA Announcer Roger Emrich passed away on Saturday night, April 27th. It is just not going to be the same listening to the Texas State Network's Texas High School Football Scoreboard without him on the radio! https://krld.radio.com/articles/feature-article/sports-broadcasting-legend-roger-emrich-dies-62
  2. DieHardCubFan

    NBA Players from East Texas

    You are so right. Forgot about him.
  3. DieHardCubFan

    NBA Players from East Texas

    While not necessarily "from" East Texas, there have been several NBA (and also D-League) players who have come through the ranks of places like Tyler Junior College! Look at the following who played ball in Wagstaff: David Benoit (Utah Jazz) Trey Gilder (Memphis Grizzlies) Sam Mack (Miami Heat) Robert Pack (Denver Nuggets) and of course, Jimmy Butler (Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, and now Philadelphia 76ers Ifeanyi Koggu (Played for the Washington Generals - the team that plays the Globetrotters) is from Tyler Lee! Also, NUMEROUS others playing in D-League and Pro-ball in other countries all over the world.
  4. DieHardCubFan

    Parents & Refs

  5. DieHardCubFan

    Chance Amie

    Apparently (and for reasons unknown) he has transferred to Blinn.
  6. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    Leo, I just wished the "coach" was on Smoaky and saw it. Trust me, what he and his assistant dads/coaches do can't be any worse than what they currently do!
  7. DieHardCubFan

    Parents & Refs

    Officiating can be tough and I will say that for the most part, coaches on the varsity level (at least in my experience and observation) have really improved when it comes to their relationships on the field with officials. Now, when it comes to middle school and sub-varsity level...in some cases, it has gotten worse. However, what one has to realize as an official is that these varsity coaches coach for a living. In today's world of education, you usually do not have coaches staying at one school for 20 to 30 years, through winning seasons and losing ones. A couple of bad runs, or simply at the whim of the administration, that coach is gone and has to find a job somewhere else. This impacts not only him/her, but his family also. Using diplomacy, knowing the rules and the philosophy of applying those rules, and most importantly, knowing the proper mechanics of officiating, can lead to mutual respect on both ends. For those who sit in the stands, especially in football, come join a chapter. Learn the actual rules and become an official! You will not only see just how hard the job is, but if you learn to it well, you will have the best time doing it!
  8. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    Anti, First of all, it is not my kid, exactly. However, my nephew is the team's leading scorer and team captain. I attend everyone of his (and his younger brothers' games) and have for the past four years he has been playing varsity (he's 6'06" and growing...). I have been keeping stats for the past few months. (More on this in a moment.) My friend Stanky is correct, this is a home school team which has some very talented, not to mention some extremely intelligent players on it. Their team is controlled (for a lack of a better term), by one man who is the default (and self-proclaimed) athletic director. He and the coaches have all but refused to talk to the parents of the players. When parents have tried to talk to the coach and sitting down with the parents, he simply walks away and refuses to talk. The other day one of the senior players received a technical foul (not the kid's first and the coach himself has received plenty of his own this season) for arguing a call that was indeed rather questionable. He pulled this senior and verbally berated him while the entire gym watched and listened to the coach's tirade. After the game, the young man apologized to the coach for his behavior, while the coach did nothing to either accept it or rebuke it. At Senior Night, a couple of nights later, he refused not only to start this senior, he completely refused to play him. I have spent quite a bit of time around coaches, in numerous sports - from junior high and high school, to college - from football to basketball to baseball and softball. I have never seen a coach (who is supposed to be a role model to these young men) act the way he did and has by treating this young man and otehrs on the team. From starting underclassmen, who are clearly subpar players, over more seasoned upperclassmen who, to be quite honest (and again, I have no direct dog in this hunt), much better players - both offensively and defensively. One senior (here is my reference to stats) who had started the previous year, has as many points off of the bench and three-times the rebounds as two of the underclassman starters (who are related to the coaches and his assistants. Now, while I will acknowledge politics are ever present and have been (even back when I played high school sports in the late 1970's), this is beyond politics. This is clearly nepotism on the part of this "coach." Lastly, a meeting has been scheduled, but the AD says that only the "fathers" are invited. It is going to be interesting to see who actually is allowed in the meeting and the drama that will occur when it happens...
  9. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    Milton, It is a home school team from the area. Not a select team (although there is a very talented select team playing in the home school league out of Dallas that we saw a couple of weekends ago who are could beat most teams in UIL. And I have always thought that you put your best five players on the court, but not this guy.
  10. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    Stanky, That is exactly what a large group is planning on doing. The coach will still have his boys (about 4-5) while the others (who are much taller and talented) are going to go elsewhere. They have some extremely smart and athletically talented young men on this home-school team. However, their coach has essentially ruined the season for the seniors and upperclassmen so he can play his own kids and their best friends. The self-proclaimed "athletic director," who has a long history of doing the same thing (i.e., playing his own kids and their best friends) has finally called a meeting with the parents. However, he stated that only the "fathers" will be invited to attend. I'm going just to see how many of the moms show up and let him have it. (It is going to be some great drama!)
  11. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    No, not exactly one of my kids. However, my nephew is a 6'06" center (who is also the top scorer on the team) on the team. Another nephew (who is 6'05", by the way and is projected to be even taller) is a sophomore and starts on the JV team. And trust me, all of the parents have tried to talk to the coach. He refuses to discuss how he coaches, who he plays, etc. So does the "athletic director."
  12. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    Just an update on this situation. Over the past month or so, an independent set of statistics have been kept which clearly show that the coach's son, his daughter's boyfriend, and his best friend have no reason to be playing on the varsity, much less starting. However, if one listens to or sees the "stats" that are sent to the players & their parents, you'd think "the chosen ones" are ready for the NBA. On top of this, last night was Senior Night and there were five seniors on the team. One these seniors started the last three years, yet the "coach" did not start him (again, on Senior Night) because he received a technical foul in a game last week. Of course, after the kid got a technical for questioning a call against him, the coach not only benched him, he publicly humiliated the young man in front of his teammates, his parents, and the entire gym. Of course, his son and even himself, have gotten a multitude of techs this season, but he has never reacted the way he did against this young man. Not only did the coach not start him, he refused to even play him at all. What a role model this "coach" is for how NOT to be a coach. Sorry if no one cares about young men who are playing a game, but I have to at least rant as an observer of the game.
  13. DieHardCubFan

    How to Deal with a Problem Coach

    I want to pose a question for some input and expert opinions on a situation that I have been witnessing taking place for the past few months and wanted to see what you all would do about it. There is an athletic program (not at a public school, but nonetheless a "school") where the "coach" of the basketball team gets a stipend from the parents whose sons play for the team. This team has some very talented upperclassmen playing who are not only very good players, but rather tall (6'05", 6'04", 6'02", etc.). For the past three months, the coach and his "volunteer assistant coaches/dads" have been starting (and playing, for most of the game) their own sons, who are not only freshmen and sophomores, but are not even very good. All these coaches' sons do are try to shoot long-range 3-pointers, yet half of the time, they can't even hit the basket, much less the backboard. Since these coaches have been playing their sons, they have not won a game (something like 10 losses in a row) and even lost to a local private school by close to 50 points. In other words, other than being the head coach's son and his assistants' sons...they'd be on the bench or better yet, playing on the JV team. How would the great membership here on Smoaky.com handle this situation?
  14. DieHardCubFan

    Coaching Longevity

    It was. One of the best men and coaches there ever was - Coach Jack Murphy!
  15. DieHardCubFan

    Hendo Stadium Renovation

    Actually, they are playing one "home game" in Bullard.