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  1. Exactly! Lets completely cancel our economy, our way of life, and everything good and Holy for a virus that came into this country with much controversy and unreliable B.S. data, and has a 99.5% survival rate (WAY much higher than the yearly flu). Wash your hands. Cough & sneeze into your elbow (then wash your hands again)! If you feel sick, stay your butt at home! Lets Go People! We are Texas!
  2. The 1984 Bear team. Only team without a loss that did not win state. [Tied with Daingerfield, who advanced on penetrations (for you youngsters, that was how teams advanced before "overtime.") Probably the greatest high school football game ever played in East Texas - it was at the Rose].
  3. Sure, they are wearing masks...but the looters/thugs are doing it to hide their identity from video, media, & law enforcement.
  4. I'm sorry. I don't buy the "this person or that person died from Corona Virus." Just because a person who "tested" positive for the virus and they later died from it, does NOT mean that the virus is the cause of their death. Consider a person who is 90 years of age; has two preexisting types of cancer, type-1 diabetes, and congestive heart failure (fluid build-up in their lungs). To say that the virus was the cause of their death - ESPECIALLY without a full post mortem examination (that's an autopsy for you Sooners out there) - would be like saying that a person who had been bi
  5. What would y'all think about the NCAA (and thus Texas and the UIL) implementing the new XFL kickoff rules (especially how and where the opposing teams line up on the field? Would it help reducing injuries often caused by the high-speed hits (i.e. blindside blocks, blocks in the back, blocks below the knees, etc.) thus making football "safer?"
  6. Hearing a dem say one thing (i.e. "no one is above the law") all the while their Queen has committed so many felonies, the Prince (Biden) has committed multiple crimes of corruption throughout his political career, or that anything they say that President Trump, we conservatives, or Americans in general should do is the complete opposite of what they themselves do...
  7. The Briles leak was a "test" by powers that be at TISD to test the temperature of the public. They quickly found that he would not be a favorable pick so they have been working other avenues, unfortunately, money has been a big issue, but again (again from information inside the talks) has been some type of issue with their superintendent...
  8. Word is superintendent (along with some salary discussions) may be an issue in attracting a couple of certain high-quality coaches.
  9. While I personally have no dog in the hunt, you were referring to Liberty Eylau's well documented discipline issues, correct?... not some "hearsay" about La Vega, right?
  10. Well, yes. They played a home-home series the last two years and unfortunately due to the behavior of many players the game was indeed called.
  11. By my count at the start of the LaVega-Carthage game, I noted that they (La Vega) only had one senior start on defense and three seniors start on offense (two linemen and Kinne at QB). They have historically and will probably continue to play various kids throughout a game at multiple positions. I agree Regal, that La Vega should come back as the preseason # 1 in 2020. What I would like to know (and can't wait until the 202 DCTF magazine comes out this summer) is what will Argyle, Lampassas (who is projected to be in the same district as La Vega in 2020), and Decatur bringing back next
  12. Well, in that specific game, they may have gone to the UIL. However, I know for certain that in four of the games played the two coaches selected and agreed to the crews that worked their games. With regard to the Mart-Hamlin game, I did hear one coach (from the district Mart was in) that they didn't care what chapter worked their game.
  13. Not necessarily. Only if the two coaches cannot agree on a chapter and crew.
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