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  1. CONGRATULATIONS Smoaky on 17 great years of sports information with Smoaky.com!
  2. If one would become a Texas Football Insider, they would not have to complain or search for it! Just sayin'...
  3. Hey! We made it in your highlights MattStepp!
  4. Any particular district? However, in District 10: Harmony Troup Winona Arp Grand Saline Alba-Golden Frankston Quitman
  5. PNG Nederland Barbers Hill Brosby Baytown Lee Sante Fe Vidor Dayton
  6. Gladewater Tatum West Rusk Sabine Mineola White Oak Winnsboro
  7. 9-5A DI PA Memorial New Caney Humbler Kingwood Park New Caney Porter Houston Austin Galena Park Baytown Goose Creek Houston Wisdom 10-5A DI Richmond Foster Alvin Shadow Creek Angleton Friendswood FB Hightower Rosenberg Terry Texas City Galveston Ball
  8. Got mine yesterday! Good to see you at the Tyler SQT last weekend Matt!
  9. Dave Campbell's Texas Football magazine is out (at least it has been delivered to Insiders. What are everyone's thoughts on their predictions for the 2019 High School Football season?
  10. Not if and/or when certain "language" is used in a public place. The 1st Amendment is not absolute.
  11. Shouldn't matter (age-group). He should be arrested and charged with Aggravated Assault (or Aggravated Battery in some states). That bat is definition of a deadly weapon.
  12. While you are partially correct (there is already a law in place), you can get up to 180 days (or 6 months) in a county jail here in Texas.
  13. Texas Sports Radio Legend, Hall of Famer, and Dallas Cowboy PA Announcer Roger Emrich passed away on Saturday night, April 27th. It is just not going to be the same listening to the Texas State Network's Texas High School Football Scoreboard without him on the radio! https://krld.radio.com/articles/feature-article/sports-broadcasting-legend-roger-emrich-dies-62
  14. You are so right. Forgot about him.
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