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  1. Well if you look past “starters” we have a lot of returning experience. And we may have a new head coach, but the majority of the staff remained in place.
  2. We threw the ball a ton last year
  3. HC is new, but most of the staff remains intact. So I’m pretty sure the system won’t change much. So our main issue is replacing several talented positions who graduated.
  4. Now we’re talking about Lindale giving Carthage a game? how about y’all have to get past poor Kilgore first Carthage would beat Lindale just as bad as they did Kilgore
  5. It was probably agreed upon in advance between Lindale/CH and Kilgore/Huffman. To secure a big enough venue, and include Huffman in the mix in case they won
  6. The best team Lindale has beaten is Palestine (52-20) The best team Kilgore has beaten is Palestine (49-28) We played Carthage as close as anyone, and were up 28-14 in the second half against a good Gladewater team (a 3A D1 contender, at 8-2), before several fluke plays and special teams mistakes. I would say we are pretty even.
  7. From Kilgore College website: About Richard Earl (R.E.) St. John: Richard Earl (R.E.) St. John was born in 1914 in Hunt, Texas. He was the third child of Dock and Jenie St. John. He was a coach at Kilgore High School, but left that position in 1941 to serve his country to join the U.S. Navy in its efforts in World War II. He died a hero's death when the ancient destroyer, the U.S.S. Borle, went down in the Atlantic in November of 1943 after an historic battle with a German submarine. He lost his life helping rescue his fellow Navymen. Two plaques are mounted on the entrance to R.E
  8. Hopefully we can clean up special teams this week. Either way, this rivalry game is usually unpredictable. Hoping Henderson brings a decent crowd for a good atmosphere. The games this year have been so dull with no visiting band and lack of fan enthusiasm. Almost like watching golf when we played Mabank.
  9. It’s always convenient to bring up enrollment as a potential excuse in your back pocket. If enrollment was at all a factor in high school football, we wouldn’t have gone 16-0 in 2004 as one of the smallest schools in 4A... don’t bring up that garbage excuse.
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