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  1. EF won't be too bad next year. A lot of things can change before next season, but EF won't have a big drop off next season either. I don't think it will be a blowout next year between these 2 teams if EF keeps their defensive coach.
  2. Waskom won't beat EF by 30. I'll lay a bet down on that
  3. You are right. From my research EF - 287 Leesville - 745
  4. I gave him credit in the next post. I don't see any post I made that was rude.
  5. He gets too goofy for me. And gets going down too many rabbit trails for me. I will give him credit though. You won't find anyone who does more to promote high school sports and players in North Louisiana.
  6. I don't see how you listen to that guy.
  7. I think you can block below the waist if its at the line of scrimmage. You just can't block below the waist beyond the line of scrimmage. That rule won't affect EF much because they don't really do that beyond the line of scrimmage.
  8. Yes, we are in district also. New Diana and Ore City had to cancel. EF was scheduled to play New Diana this week and Ore City next week. Yes, New Diana had to cancel also.
  9. Harmony, Winona, Daingerfield, Queen City, Harleton. Not being a smart A, just giving you who all EF has played.
  10. I looked up their enrollment Leesville - 745 students EF - 287 students
  11. Looks like EF has found a game with a school in Louisiana.
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