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  1. EF almost beat Troup. I don't think Troup is that good this year.
  2. Tatum may beat EF by 100 Friday night
  3. C’mon! That’s a little much. Waskom didn’t give EF the first game. I’m not one to talk too much #### on here, but that’s not true. EF played well.
  4. I agree, I thought they were down in bounds also.
  5. The questionable things that happened on EF’s sideline on the last drive was the Ref kept calling the EF receiver out of bounds. The time it looked like EF got a 4th timeout was because the white hat started the clock and EF’s coach asked the line judge I thought you said he was out of bounds? So the line judge blew the whistle and talked to the white hat. That’s why the clock was stopped and didn’t start until the snap. The ref called EF player out of bounds on 2 plays that were very close.
  6. Good Game PP! Your players gave it a heck of an effort and fight! Coaches had a great game plan too! @OldBull12, your son had a great game.
  7. What worries me with Presley is his reps at QB. Even Wilkerson played QB on JV and got reps. Presley missed those reps when he got moved up to varsity last year. 12 on JV won’t be the QB at EF and if his 4 years. Nothing against the kid, but this was the first year he has ever played QB. He will be playing WR. 12 stepped up for the team when the kid that had been playing QB with that group didn’t play this year. The 8th grade QB will be the one to watch in a couple of years. Just my 2 cents. EF’s 8th grade has some skill kids that will be good.
  8. I don’t have a dog in the fight, but just thought I would clarify this statement from an EF point of view. Harmony did not play EF better than Waskom.
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