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  1. Let kids play where their parents want them to play. If the kid lives in district even in a travel trailer with whoever. Let them play. Parents usually knows what is best for their own. Hell even if they don’t live in district if they have to travel 2 hours up hill both ways in the snow barefooted letm do it.
  2. Maybe if he was on staff he would hush his brothers and dad up
  3. I keep hearing it, but it don’t make sense
  4. Coach Lane has to much respect for Coach Metzel to take that gig.
  5. I told y’all to ask them. They would tell you. How dare a coach want his athletes to lift weights? It’s the culture there.
  6. Hallsville = Baseball If you don’t believe me just ask them. It will take a special coach to change that culture.
  7. No shock here. It will go to the guy that deserves it.
  8. Spring Hill is losing a real good passing QB! Who they have coming up?
  9. If he is offered. He will be in Buckeye land again.
  10. U on crack? He made it 1 year at Gilmer went to Anna now at Pewit Come on man. Geez
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