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  1. Look at it how you want, bounced? Or gained experience? On his way to making a million $ a year. Idk if that was his plan, but that’s some green grass
  2. You should question your own coaches!!! Being 5-6 you should have lots of questions for them!
  3. Better team? Like better athletes? Or better coached team?
  4. Just stopping by to see if you gw boys are ready to fire your coach?
  5. Not saying it didn’t happen. I don’t believe that, that is a rule.
  6. I agree somewhat with what you are saying, but I remind myself that all these D1 coaches offering him know more about it than I do. I’ve only seen him play against Gilmer and Carthage
  7. I was with you until you said sh is better than LE. Hmmm No
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