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  1. HAHA! I could honestly see either team winning this game, but rooting for PG since they took us down. Going to be a defensive slugfest and I can wait to watch it!
  2. Surprised there hasn’t been a little more talk about the PG front 7. Those boys are big and stout. I think they will be the key to this game. PG-21 WOS-17
  3. After seeing PG beat us and watching Kennedale play last night, I think PG would beat Kennedale by 2 TD’s. PG defense is just that good. Good luck to WOS and PG. Should be a slugfest!
  4. Happened right in front of me and it did appear to be targeting. Not saying it was intentional or meant to be dirty. Luckily our WR stayed in the game.
  5. Congrats to PG! Incredible football team you have. Now go finish it! I will be rooting you on next week.
  6. Must have to do with watching the film rather than seeing it live because PG’s speed didn’t impress me either if I am being honest. Very good team, but they didn’t look much faster than our skill kids
  7. Haha! I had to miss a couple of road games this year and listen on radio to the Graham feed. Had to start drinking after the first possession just to get thru it.
  8. Haven’t heard of any stream online but you can get the radio call from the Graham homers online. HAHA! I will tell you that they are pretty hard to listen to. #71 on Graham’s D line is also very good. Probably the strongest kid on the team. Not very big but has a high motor!
  9. Have to agree. While I will be rooting for my hometown, I know it will be a tall task to take out PG. We can throw out all the stats, records, and schedules we want but at the end of the day this game will be played by a bunch of 15-18 year old kids.
  10. Think we will show up anyway and see if we can get “lucky.”
  11. Add 21, 9, 10, 12, and 15 to your list of Graham’s weapons. 21 missed most of the year with injuries. He is a playmaker. Can’t wait for this one. It will be a war!
  12. This is why it’s hard to take some of you guys serious. Beating that chest and predicting blowouts when you don’t even have a clue who we have played. I have seen the film and know PG is legit. It will take our best effort to get a W Thursday. Graham’s offense is plenty stout and has played some very good defenses. I would say that Stephenville had the best D with Sweetwater being a close second. Our secondary is not as good as years past, but our run D is plenty good. I think our boys will be up to the task and this will be a knock down drag out!
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