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  1. Rooting for Jim Ned because of Colt McCoy. Their JR running back is the best running back from R1 since that Brock RB from 15. He’s really good. Probably won’t be enough for the trickery of MV.
  2. Check any Walmart parking lot trees. Any town will probably work.
  3. Jim Ned vs Mount Vernon. Just like everyone thought early on in the year.
  4. As a Marxist like most people here, I would prefer Paris winning. But the bourgeoisie may be too strong.
  5. Absolutely. I’ve watched the top playoffs games every year living in dfw and have never seen any small school (3aD1 and lower) better than that Canadian team. Y’all probably would have won region 1 4aD2.
  6. I’ll probably be there. Pretty close to me. Should be a really fun environment.
  7. Guessing Paris will compete but lose a somewhat close game like la Vega. I’ll take argyle by 14 and cruise to a ship after Paris.
  8. Don’t worry canadian would have won by 4+ scores. I watched both teams in person that year.
  9. Brock and Yoe would have beaten Waskom incredibly easy. Only an idiot that doesn’t know football would deny that.
  10. Thanks for the laugh lol. Was that the Idalou or Sonora year for Waskom? 2015 Canadian beats Waskom just as easily as refugio. You must be a super Waskom homer.
  11. I don’t think them or Brock was overrated. Remember JN beat hallettsville who will probably beat llano and play for state. Jim Ned is a very fine team for the most part. They just aren’t malakoff. Jim Ned is a top 5 team with a lot of young players.
  12. This is easily Canadians best team since 2015. Where they would have beaten either Brock or yoe for the 3a D1 championship while 2a D1. They live up to the hype.
  13. If so then yeah it will be a game. Just don’t be surprised if the state game turns out like the Gunter vs boling game or Gunter vs Pewitt game. Or whoever wins region 1 or 2.
  14. I’ll be glad to eat crow. Tired of Gunter winning state. I think Gunter gets beat badly too though. Could be wrong.
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