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  1. Why even consider this trade??? Don't make a trade just to make one...I don't know about your league but Brady and Moss are top three fantasy points in mine. Although Tom Brady rides the pine on my team as but, I have Romo as my starter so you can't really go wrong there. Not only a no but a hell no to this trade.....
  2. Great assessment I couldn't agree more. I don't think any honest Longhorn fan did not see this coming eventually they are just not as good as they have been and thats just gonna happen. They are still a talented football team just not as talented as they have been. I mean look at the amount of guys they have lost just in the last two years....I don't care how good your recruiting is it takes time to develop talent. And we all know how much this game effects that process. The season is far from over though a win against a very good Oklahoma team would certainly help to start getting back on track. The horns have simply got to stop allowing McCoy to get pummeled out there no QB can stand up to that kind of beating. Colt is a top notch QB but, a guy constantly under that much pressure is going to make bad decisions and bad throws you have to protect your quarterback its that simple. That being said to suggest Mack is on the hot seat if they lose this game is absolutely ludicrous. Not even taking into considering that he just recieved the big contract extension, Texas has been one of the top 5 programs in the country since his arrival one. Matter of fact in the time frame is has been their winning percentage has been right at the top if not the top in the NCAA. Mack is not going anywhere. That being said we all know anything can happen in this game...
  3. It wasn't even but a couple of months after one the best, if not the best individual performances in a football game ever. The experts were digging for reasons why Vince's ability would not translate well into the NFL game. But, just like in his years with the Horns he continues to prove his doubters wrong. We know and Vince knows who cares what the "experts" say.
  4. He will get his money from jerry probably right around 30mil guaranteed.
  5. You would take Drew Brees over right now over Romo? Or Mcnabb for that matter.... Why? Are they playing better than Romo? And the reason the Cowboys didn't finish in December was hardly Romo's doing, the defense gave up 152 points. That could have had something to do with it. I am pretty sure we all want them to finish strong but, I am talking about right now...
  6. The Cows are 3-0 and as they say on GAC the Cow sheep are out in full force. But, lets all calm the knee jerking......hold off on those hotel reservations in AZ. There is still a long way to go. What you should be excited about is some big time questions are starting to get some positive answers. Certainly first and foremost, Tony Romo. I just want to know if we can put to rest whether or not he is the real deal. Matter of fact I challenge someone to name 5 guys better than Romo right now and, I can name only two. I remember a lot of ridiculous comments i.e. comparing Romo to Shaun King.... You guys know who you are get ready for a big plate. Why don't we ask Jason Taylor or Brian Urlacher what they think? And Jerry to quote Teddy KGB "Pay, the man his money" Its only going to get more and more hard on your Texas sized bank account. Hey he may not be the best QB in the league but, he is the most fun to watch. I really look foward to the showdown with No. 4 that should make for great T.V. regardless of the records at that point. The Romo train is back on the track. Secondly, Terrell Owens has really made his presence felt in the first 3 games and, just had probably his best game as a Cowboy impact wise. All that without the drama to go along with it...and yes, I know there is still plenty of time for this to change but so far he has been the dominant reciever the Cowboys pay and need him to be. If this continues his bold preseason predictions may not be so far fetched. And staying with the theme of his 7,500 dollar movie. Eldorado Part 2 is to be continued. My next props go out to Jason Garrett. He is making Jerry Jones look pretty good with what some considered a very risky move. No longer after the game are you saying man why didn't they do this or why did they go away from this. No banging their head against a wall or failing to get the ball in their many playmakers hands. Chicago was the perfect example rather than continue to run into that staunch eight and nine man front they went to the air ate them up until they were worn down enough to send in the closer. Its been a pattern for 3 weeks now this offense has shown the ability to break the will of their opponents. Now he has a good arsenal of weapons and players still determine ultimately how well you do but a lot of that credit needs to go to Jason Garrett. Now while there is plenty to be excited about there is enough to make you tap the breaks as well. The combined record of the opponents so far is a whopping 2-7 and there next two are a combined 0-6. On top of that both teams will probably be missing there starting tailbacks. Now I know you can only play the games they put on your schedule but, the biggest test will be not having a let down against one of these teams. Any win in the NFL is big, and they certainly can't afford to overlook these teams on the way to their first real test against the Pats. Lets hope that Phillips 3-4 continues to improve and guys get healthy because they will need to be at there best when that team comes to town. While they have been better each week they have a ways to go. The last time the Cowboys started 3-0 was 1999....they finished that season 8-8 and lost to the Cardinals 20-0 in the first round and I am pretty sure that was the last playoff game the Cows hosted. Now I am excited like everyone else about the way things are looking but, the long past of disappointments tempers my enthusiasm somewhat. I would like to see what happens once this team plays another contender. Either way its good to get off to this kind of start for a change.... its been a long time.
  7. Roy had problems even with a top notch Newman healthy last year. Roy can still be a playmaker for this team and I think he will but they have to find a way to keep the ball in front of him. He has really become a liability for this defense. Obviously with the injuries the 3-4 that Phillips likes to run may not ever show its face this year but, lets see if he can put one on the field that can at least play well when needed. Either way they won the game a lot of guys with questions answered the call; Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, The Player (no drops). If Newman and Ellis can get back I think that can at least stop some bleeding and let the self proclaimed "mr. fix it" do his thing. Only time will tell.
  8. A certain phrase that includes a pot and a kettle comes to mind......
  9. Another crucial cog to running the "Phillips 3-4" goes down Fergie is out for the year with a torn bicep. JJ better get on the wire and get some guys in here cause this defense is gonna go down in flames the way things are looking. Get TNew and Ellis in the TO chamber stat.
  10. Tony Romo looks and plays like Brett Favre to some people and everyone knows he loves to do his impression of #4. But, the fact is he is not Brett Favre and he is not Shaun King he is Tony Romo. Which in all reality we don't know exactly what even that means but, to be doubting him after the disappointing finish to last season is just as ludicrous as anointing him after the impressive start he had. I have no idea if he is the real deal or not but at least he has shown that he might be a long term answer the Cowboys have been looking for. As far as Julius goes I don't know why everyone is so anxious to push him out the door. You would think he had a terrible season last year. Between him and Barber they matched the output of Larry Johnson 20 tds and 1700 yards and I think thats pretty good. MB3 had more tds and JJ had more yards. Just because the Boy's don't have a featured back doesn't mean they don't have a potent running game. There are situations were Barber is better and situations were they will need the skills JJ brings to the table. Barber is not going to brake a 70 yarder Julius can and has. The line of scrimmage would get a lot more crowded without that home run threat. Now, do I think Julius needs to play better...certainly and I think he can. Its definitely put up or shut up time for him this season. Now TO, until he does something illegal or you can find an alternative that can match his production with and without the football then I really don't care if you don't like his antics. I don't like them either but, I ignore them. At least with TO you know what your getting and you take the good with the bad. Is he a role model for your kids, absolutely not. Is he a great football player, no doubt about it. His distractions did not lose the Cowboys any football games last year, it was a team effort. Believe me I'm not all roses with the Cowboys and they have plenty of deficiencies that worry about but, thats pretty much the nature of the game. 31 teams ended there season without achieving the ultimate prize of this league so they all have problems to fix. If you want to be a pessimist that's your choice but, at least back it up with some substantial reasons for why thats your opinion.
  11. Why do we need all these extreme predictions, especially knowing how unpredictable the NFL is? There really is no reason to not be optimistic about this season for any team much less the Cowboys. It really just depends on what your expectations are. The problem is, most Cowboy's fans expect a Superbowl every year, this is truly a spoiled fandom. This is also one that has been deprived of even as much as a playoff victory for over 10 years. I imagine delirium has set in, thats why you get comments like "the cowboy's offense has no playmakers" or "the cowboy's are going undefeated this year". Both comments are equally ridiculous and built on sand. I think the way to look at this season is....there is plenty to be positive about yet there is also plenty to worry over. But, isn't that really one of the things that makes NFL so great? A new season is about to be upon us. Your team is undefeated and, in this NFL, anything can happen. So lets just get ready to enjoy the ride.
  12. Thats a very good point Greg Ellis led the team in sacks at that point and was really becoming a force at his new spot...his loss was really a domino effect for the defense. Thats not spoken of enough. The secondary can be one of the top in the NFL when allowed to make plays but, their weaknesses are greatly exposed when they lose a solid pass rush. Back on Topic....As far as TO goes take the production he had last year for the offense both tangible and non. He led the league in drops he led the league in TDs. He gave the Cowboys more distractions than they have had in a long time. He also gave them the best season by a WR since the Playmaker was in his heyday. I will say it again I am not a fan of the TO circus at all...however I am a fan of the Cowboys winning football games. I just don't think all you guys realize what this offense would lose without that production. For that matter what having that threat means for everyone else on offense. Say you do get rid of TO and all of his lame ###### baggage that he brings with him. Who takes his spot? Not just that, but if you fill it internally, who takes their spot? Lets say JJ for some reason decides to take a hard stand on TO after he decides to be bull headed about something....he essentially fires TO. The offense struggles to score 17 points a game and the defense plays pretty good but, the team tanks. Then what? This is the thing for me I ignore him....it's a strange concept I know. When TO scores a TD to win the game or makes a big play, in my mind The Dallas Cowboys made that play not TO. When he becomes a criminal then yea boot the guy quick as you can until then let us try as Cowboy fans in the case of Terrell Owens to root for the laundry on his back and not the man.
  13. I just recently heard the comments that BP made and I got to tell ya I'm very disappointed. I have all the respect in the world for Bill and took him for his word. But I lost a ton of respect for him since he tried to make himself out to be the victim in the T.O. decision. The whole time he was adamant that he was part of the decision the whole way and he was right with Jerry. Now its, "I did the best I could with a player I had forced on me." Even if it was only Jerry's idea why lie to everyone and say you were signed off on it? Why not give Jerry the Me or him ultimatium? Why not the truth I don't want him but, I want that last run at glory and this is the guy that bumped us up enough that we at least had a shot. I have been a big BP supporter of what he has done in his tenure in Dallas. After hearing these comments I feel like a fool.
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