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    Played for Henderson and miss it. I'm married and have 2 daughters, ages 5 and 1.
  1. Can't wait until tomorrow night. I have waited all week to post my prediction so here we go. I say Henderson wins 35-14. I think it will be our closest playoff game so far but our speed will allow us to pull away late. I remember from last year Alvarado was a well coached team with a couple of quick players but we have a well coached team with more overall team speed and that will be the difference. I expect a battle but in the end our athletes will prevail. My biggest fear is that we overlook this week hoping for a rematch with c-hill in the finals. Other than that, I dont think Alvera
  2. Don't know much about Paris. Do they run or pass? Big and physical or smaller and speedy? Do they rely on scheme or players to beat teams? I know could fall into the middle of any one of these categories but what are they overall?
  3. Should be a good game this week. I think Henderson will be slowed a little on offense but from what I have heard our defense should be okay against Carthage. I will say Henderson by 2 TD in our first slugfest this year.
  4. Hate that I won't be at the game but Henderson should win easily. SH put up a fight last yr but I don't see it this yr. Henderson by 35.
  5. I have to say I was surprised with how easily we were able to move the ball after what LE held Gilmer to last week. I'm starting to wonder if anyone will be able to slow us down. Our defense is good, but not quite as good as last year, but if our offense is going to be this good every week it may not matter. We didn't have the toughest non-district schedule so district will tell us a lot more about our chances for a repeat, but the first half of the season has been a fun ride. Rest up and get ready for a tough district run Lions.
  6. I'm a UT fan, but as cool as it would be for Texas to have a Henderson QB, I think Barnes would be better served going somewhere like Baylor to play. I think he would have a better shot at getting a real chance to play then. It almost sound like Texas would just bring him in for insurance in a backup role. I'm sure him and his parents will make what they believe to be the best decision for him. He is a good QB and, from what I hear, a great kid.
  7. While I think this will be a better test than the first 2 games, I still think Henderson wins by at least 21. The offense should be fine, but the defense will have to tackle better this week. Overall, Henderson matches up pretty well against Kilgore, so I am not to worried. Should be a good game.
  8. A lot better than last week for Henderson this week. The offense was clickin and the defense did well considering they were heavily undersized against that big oline PT had. This was a better PT team than I have seen in quite some time. I don't think they will be a playoff team b/c of that defense, but they will be in more games this year controlling the clock like they can. Got Kilgore next week so we should get a slightly better game to judge how good we are. Our defense just needs to keep fighting and forcing turnovers like they have been and we will be fine because or offense will be
  9. Thank you. I really can't hardly believe it still. The first time we make the playoffs since my senior year and we win state. I have to say, I really like 3a. With that said, the drop down helped, but these players were what won this title. They have fought through injuries, large deficits in games, and questions about how good they really were all season. The heart and fight in this team is what amazes me the most and it makes it really easy to cheer for them. You can talk about athletes and speed all you want, but show me a team that will fight till the end no matter what and I will c
  10. Great game. The score was probably a little closer than it should have been, but Chapel Hill kept fighting to the end. I was really surprised and proud of how well our defense played. After hearing all week about how much firepower Chapel Hill had on offense, I was a little worried about us being able to slow them down. Once they denied the run, it was really all about the QB for CH holding the ball too long. He wouldn't throw it until his receiver was wide open, and they weren't getting wide open. That, combined with CH o-line struggling with our D-line's quickness, pretty much summed u
  11. I understand C-Hill being the favorite in this game, but I also know the fight in the Lions. As long as they can keep it within a score or two until the second half, I think they have a real shot at winning this. They have fought hard through big injuries, large deficits, and lack of respect this year, and I know they will fight this game. Not to say that the bulldogs don't have fight in them, but just saying I know Henderson won't go down until the end. The best team will win and hopefully that is the HENDERSON LIONS. WIN STATE.
  12. I wouldn't say overrated just because I don't think many consider them a clear district favorite. Now maybe their state ranking is a little high, but those don't matter anyway. They have a very good offense that can beat teams more than one way. The defense however, gives up quite a few yards, but does a good job of creating turnovers and negative plays when they need to. I wouldn't consider them dominate, but they are okay. Henderson just needs to start putting together two good halves, and quick, because the toughest stretch of the year starts this week, and there won't be a lot of room
  13. I agree it will probably be high scoring. I say Henderson wins after winning the turnover battle and posting a lot of rushing yards to keep the ball away from Pitt.
  14. Great game last night. Especially since Henderson won. . . for the second year in a row. . . AT Kilgore. :clap: :clap: I said before the game that our defense is not as dominant as it has looked, but they do a good job of creating turnovers, and that turned out to be the story of the game in the 4th quarter.
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