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  1. You could say that for a majority of the people on that list. The article sports illustrated did on Kenneth Hall (although he is a running back on Smoak's all-time list) in the early 80s was one of the most fascinated articles that publication has ever printed. Went on to say that Hall rarely EVER took a single snap in the second half. Had several games where he was never even tackled. Amazing article if you can ever find a copy.
  2. Queen City shut Jefferson out last year!!! :-)
  3. "Your" wrong or "you're" wrong ? ? ? You've read a study?
  4. The new turf is actually SAFER than grass. Many studies say this. This is why UT just went to turf. They had one of the nicest grass fields in the business! Get out of the 1970s!!!
  5. Won't be an upset there and won't be nearly as close as 21 either!
  6. With it being homecoming tonight, it should be extra lovely! :-)
  7. Looks to be a down year for the 'stangs. Being at the game in Ore city I have to say that I was impressed with the following of the small town and the high number of pretty ladies in the stands from O-town. Quite a representation for such a small town!
  8. Bullard's senior class having their THIRD coach in three years will have SOME impact on how things turn out. Don't underestimate the value in coaching trust and stability. Having said that, they are very talented, especially the kids that will be inthe gym from the first of school by not playing football.
  9. New Diana didn't GET a point guard, they RECRUITED a point guard!
  10. Anyone have the results to post? Thanks.
  11. you sound like a cayuga football coach or buddy of a football coach trying to pass the buck on why you couldnt get it done! lay off the hoops squad and coach! maybe if they could keep some of the basketball players off the gridiron then they could win it all in basketball.... point taken yet?
  12. And quite possibly the slowest team in the state!
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