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  1. Greenville's two soccer teams have played a combined 39 games...and won once. Ugh.
  2. Wow, our boys team has fallen off a cliff the last few weeks. Not really an explanation for it, either.
  3. Honestly, I copy-pasted from the DMN site. I'll let them figure out the rest.
  4. Greenville non-district: Week 1: Tyler Chapel Hill Week 2: Frisco Liberty Week 3: Frisco Lebanon Trail ------------------------------------------------------- Ennis non-district: Week 1: Red Oak Week 2: Keller Fossil Ridge Week 3: Waxahachie ----------------------------------------------------- North Forney non-district: Week 1: West Mesquite Week 2: Wylie East Week 3: Lovejoy ---------------------------------------------------- Royse City non-district: Week 1: Frisco Centennial Week 2: Grapevine week 3: Wylie East
  5. Greenville's non-district schedule for 2020-2021 (home/away still TBD): Week 1: Tyler Chapel Hill Week 2: Frisco Liberty Week 3: Frisco Lebanon Trail
  6. Is it a bad omen that I have jury duty while the Realignment is being unveiled? And the morning after the Super Bowl at that?
  7. Greenville boys upset #3 Sulphur Springs tonight, 41-38. GVL is now 24-4 on the season.
  8. Good luck to Ennis next week. May you have better luck with Frisco than we did.
  9. If you live in driving range, come on out to The Star in Frisco tomorrow (Thursday, kickoff at 7pm) for our game against Frisco. Our first playoff game in 16 years, and our first game ever inside an enclosed indoor stadium. (Texas Stadium doesn't count, it had a big hole in the roof.) We're gonna need all the support we can get.
  10. Dumb playoff question time (keep in mind how long it's been for us): Is it a rule now that the higher seed in a playoff game gets to host it? Seeing several games that will be played at one team's home stadium. Including ours against Frisco at The Star (which I'm not objecting to, would love to see a game there, just curious about it.)
  11. Greenville vs Frisco at The Star, Thursday Nov. 14 at 7:00 pm
  12. Well, we came close and had a fourth quarter lead, but couldn't hold it and lost in the last minute to Ennis 32-25. Greenville's playoff game will be against the Frisco Raccoons, Thursday night at 7:00pm at The Star in Frisco.
  13. Thanks, guys. These kids have come a long way since 0-40. After that start to the decade, happy to see them end the 2010's on a strong note. Who empties the stands onto the field after a win to lock up fourth place? We do. Also our first winning season since 2009.
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