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  1. A loss in the play-offs is a killer. Very few teams have been able to overcome this.
  2. lot of school your size have a few going both ways
  3. would like to complain abou the officiials at last year's game
  4. I thought the most questionable was When both teams were offsides on the same play/ is that possoble?
  5. How does one pull up the home page with game scores. Must be too late at night but home page goes to forms
  6. Kudos to players from both teams ALL Standing and honoring the US Flaq as National anthem played.. 7 Daingerfield players carried large US Flags on a pole as they entered the field.
  7. I thought some of those same names were called out Last year when the seniors were introduced.
  8. Quote right out of Mt Vernon "Turn out the lights the party is over." Had the fat lady sang?
  9. I was thinking this topic was on Daingerfield v Tatum. How many post to we have on a scrimmage which counts for nothing? I guess ya'll will arguing over that scrimmage as you go into Post season play.
  10. at the schools where guidelines was not followed has there been big outbreaks or spikes?
  11. Just hoping maybe Daingerfield has remodeled or built new Visitor Restrooms. Looks like rain so what about the electric lines on the ground running through water.
  12. Back in the 1984 & 85 Groveton had a running back named Horace that was outstanding. I wonder if he moved to Center and Keamodre is his son? Or somehow related? In 1985 behind Larry Centers & Horton Tatum had 13 wins & 0 L headed up against Groveton and thought we had a ticket to State. Horace & Groveton proved too much for the Eagles and again stop their advancement.
  13. You just score and the score is 60 to 63 with 1:36. If you go for one you can win with a field goal. Of you go for 2 and miss it's a tie with a field goal
  14. Is that like C'mon ___ Man
  15. Home side should have a chance to buy unsold visitor Tickets Visitors could call Friday morning and say we have so many left. make sit on visitor side if buy Visitor ticket
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