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  1. Just start with a game. Use it as practice. Most know where the bases are. Let T ball start later. Take a lesson from Longview Mayor when Out Laws Bar opened up. He said Those are the Governor's rules not mine. If the parents want let play don't hold against if they don't play.
  2. Move that up to the 30th at least, where they can have a week-end tournament
  3. The West Wusk Waiders had that problem and were able to scheduled most of their home games at Tatum Eagle Stadium. Tatum enjoyed having them. Is there another Stadium near by they might be able to use. if conflict sat. game.
  4. counties get paid for the number of corona V. deaths. so if they fall off of a 20 story sky c it was probably the virus.
  5. May 4 is now the date that this shutdown extends to I was wondering if UIL officials might work on a tentative short season for Baseball and Track. Even extend into the summer. If it doesn't work out where it cannot be used what have they lost but a little time which they should have plenty of on their hands now. I know some coaches would vote to stop and not have to do anything same for some of those
  6. do you get the internet from sudden link too?
  7. They offered me $10 because I missed the state Championship games. I switched to Direct.
  8. Is that Marshall Texas Marshall Goldsmith Marshall department Stores? John Marshall Marshall Law
  9. not if no tournament Hopefully all will be good by tournament time.
  10. Medlin for ND was burning the ball in at over 90 mph. some say he has already signed with a D1. If so which one. I thinking most of what he threw was a fast ball. But what do I know? Some others said he wasn't the only pitcher for ND that constantly throws in the 90s.
  11. Hawkins score keepers did a great job with the scoreboard Friday night. They were able to keep up with the fouls of 6 players from both teams and the number of fouls they had. and change when a player left the game. Wondering why it is in a gym like Hallsville the score keepers were not able to keep up with just one player.
  12. At the Hallsville game a Bi-District Game Sabine v Tatum the score keepers did not put the fouls or who fouled on the scoreboard. Some said they were inept. some said they were just lazy. I think they just wanted to make their $50 and go home. At the Longview game they did an excellent job of posting who fouled.
  13. Heard the Hawkins Gym is a real nice Gym. What are some others observation? Does it have chair Backs on both sides? How many will it accommodate? Are the score keepers able to post who fouled and the number of fouls on the scoreboard?
  14. Atlanta finished with 19 turnovers to 14 from Tatum, who had 29 trips to the free-throw line compared to 15 from the Rabbits. The Eagles led in rebounds, 43-37. You are saying the refs stole the ball or created those turn overs. And the Refs kept pulling the ball off the boards and giving it to the Eagles. The Rabbits were just fouling the wrong player. Kendrick was hot all net.
  15. Sometime I get perturbed at Jack because I don't think he gives Tatum the coverage they deserved. And most often he is going to be selecting Tatum to lose. He can only do as good as the information turned into him. You have to think of the job he has. Game information most often not turned in till after 10:00 pm. then he has to take the stats given to him and write an article mentioning as many kids as he can. Just look at the number of schools that turn in stats. Probably he has to be finished by 3 am. I sometimes just take one school and try to give an account just using the stats. Not easy, I have a new appreciation for Jack
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