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  1. Westlake is running a Dekaney-style defense...loading the box and coming off the edge every play. In this sort of wind you pretty much have no counter for it. Lobos about to punt again.
  2. TD Westlake 31-10 with 5:09 It's been a very...interesting season for Longview. Ups and downs, definitely the year of the turnover.
  3. We are down to our 4th and 5th string running backs genius. And we just threw another INT.
  4. 8:58 left in game Longview just fumbled again, but got it back.
  5. Kick is good, line drive almost blocked but found a way through. 24-10
  6. Westlake stopped by Longview D, who has played big-time this game. FG kicker in the game, they call time out.
  7. Everything possible has gone wrong for Longview. They call roughing the kicker, radio guys don't like the call. Toss sweep for no gain. End of 3rd, WL 21-10
  8. They punt, almost blocked...we supposedly roughed the punter alt. Brown returned it for a TD. Not going to count.
  9. 1st and 10 - Run for two to the LV 49 2nd and 7 - Up the middle, no gain 3rd and 7 - Throw incomplete
  10. Westlake ball 1st and 10 - Option for 8 yards 2nd and 2 - Spread formation, run to the 49 of Westlake
  11. 21-10 Westlake. The Chaps have 33 yards of offense and 1 first down. Lobos ball 1st and 10 - 2 yard gain 2nd and 7 - incomplete 3rd and 7 - Chumley scrambles to LOS and tackled 4th and 7 - Punt to the WL 29 2:51 left in the 3rd
  12. Int in the end zone!!!! Lobos take over at the 20 1st and 10 - 2 yard run by Hasty 2nd and 10 - PA pass, Chumley fumbles, returned for a TD Holy hell. This is ridiculous. Going to be 21-10 WL. Their offense has done jack squat.
  13. They punt, Brown fumbles, WL has it at the 28 yard line. When your most reliable player fumbles, you know you're just having bad luck.
  14. Kickoff out of the end zone. FG was 38 yards. WL takes over at the 25, 6:37 in the 3rd, into the wind 1st and 10 - Spread formation, throw caught for 11 yard gain 1st and 10 - Sweep for two yards 2nd and 8 - Spread formation, up the middle, 2-yard loss 3rd and 10 - Throw caught, but short of 1st down. 4th and 1 - timeout
  15. Westlake is pinching down, Lobos countering by running outside 1st and 10 from the 29 - Four yard run 2nd and 6 - Two tight ends, Sanders left side for a yard 3rd and 5 - Hasty back in, Sanders stopped 3 yards short up the middle 4th and 3 - FG up and good!!! 14-10 WL
  16. Lobos ball 9:03 3rd quarter 1st and 10 - toss sweep down to the 41 of Westlake, they found something on the edge for a 19 yard gain 1st and 10 - Two tight ends, Sanders to the 29
  17. 1st and 10 at WL 39 - end around, caught in the backfield at the 34 2nd and 15 - PA pass, knocked away by Longview on a throwback screen 3rd and 15 - Pass caught short of 1st down 4th and 3 - Punt formation, punt line drive Brown returns to the Lobo 40
  18. Westlake ball. 1st and 10 from the 28 - tackled behind LOS 2nd and 12 - sweep for five yards 3rd and 7 - PA pass, caught in flat may have barely gotten a 1st down, and he did
  19. Official stats: Westlake has 12 yards of offense and no first downs.
  20. End of half. Turnovers from dumb plays killing Longview. Not sure Hasty touched the ball in the 2nd quarter. Hopefully he's not hurt.
  21. 1st and goal from the 8 - intercepted in the end zone, you've gotta be kidding me. This is ridiculous. Lobos moving the ball easily and making stupid mistakes. Westlake offense is terrible. We limit mistakes and roll over this team. WL QB sneak to run out the clock, Lobos take a time out.
  22. 1st and 10 - PA pass, Chumley sacked at the 27 2nd and 16 - Chumley draw to Peterson for a three yard gain 3rd and 13 - Slant to Leonard to the 8 for a first down!!! Timeout westlake
  23. Punt out of bounds at the WL 44 yard line Lobos take over with 2:36 left in half, only one timeout left for the Lobos. 1st and 10 - PA pass, Jeter caught to the 21!!!
  24. 4th and 5 - Returner tackled at the 10 Chaps take over with 4:14 left in half 1st and 10 - Toss sweep for 2 yards 2nd and 8 - Inside trap for loss of 3 3rd and 11 - Spread set, pass caught short of 1st down, they will punt Longview's defense does NOT deserve to by down 14-7 right now.
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