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  1. We got Padilla for a PTBNL, and I can't remember who it was.
  2. We traded David Delluci for Robinson Tejeda...railed at the time by the Dallas media because Delluci was "liked in the clubhouse".
  3. This has been a popular topic. Let's just throw out Carlos Lee's enormous contract and focus on the trade: We gave up, and these are the guys you're getting riled about - 1. Kevin Mench - overpaid and arbitration eligible, hitting .262/.266/.393, possibly a DFA candidate. 2. Laynce Nix - Still spends most his time injured, a poor CF, no longer young and still in AAA and showing no signs of doing anything. 3. Coco Cordero - Run out of town on a rail. Horrible at TBIA. Sported a 6.56 ERA. Rangers are still strong in the bullpen, so it wasn't impactful to them. At the time o
  4. Not by circular reasoning, no. It's not proof of anything more than coincidence, since we've all seen teams with bottom-scraping payrolls that have done well and built through the farm system (ex. Athletics, Twins, this year's Brewers). We can all look at the Orioles and the Cubs and see that money spent just for the sake of it isn't a gurantee of even seeing the playoffs. I would offer up another hypothesis of why the Rangers are in the predicament their in; too many years of a depleted farm system, keeping them from replacing players that leave on over-bloated contracts and forcing t
  5. The Rangers tried to spend money on Zito and Schmidt. They didn't want to come here. Vernon Wells ended up being a non-issue. Who'd you want them to bring in that would have helped? Huge salaries doesn't gurantee success. Just ask the Baltimore Orioles. They've been trying it for the better part of a decade.
  6. Much chance of this game being effected by the weather? Good luck to you, Lady Cards. Always enjoyed watching ya'll play.
  7. For the score, let's go straight to....Grand Jury Testimony!! (As reported by San Fran's very own Chronicle) "Barry Bonds told a federal grand jury that he used a clear substance and a cream supplied by the Burlingame laboratory now enmeshed in a sports doping scandal, but he said he never thought they were steroids, The Chronicle has learned." "Federal prosecutors charge that the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative, known as BALCO, distributed undetectable steroids to elite athletes in the form of a clear substance that was taken orally and a cream that was rubbed onto the body. B
  8. They're pretty essential to any 3-4 defense, whether it's a one gap scheme or two gap. Phillips also needs an extra blitzer for a Hybrid position.
  9. With Tony Sparano keeping some input and the same cast of players, it may look alot like last year with a bit of the ol' Norv Turner/Ernie Zampese offense thrown in (more fullback catching passes, more I Formation, etc.) Not sure how much of the two TE offense we'll be using any more, seeing as we saw less and less of it last season (problably more attributed to Crayton's good play than anything Fasano did). We'll problably motion less.
  10. Hard to tell with Moss, given that he seemed to go through the motions in Oakland. However, he hasn't caught at least 60% of the passes intended for him in three years, and that's an alarming trait for a wideout over 30. In his prime he relied on speed and jumping ability. In their older years, wideouts often need to rely on guile and excellent route running. Moss doesn't have these, and his physical gifts are in decline, even if his work ethic improves. Still, he won't be asked to carry the load, and he'll have Welker/Stallworth to share passes with.
  11. Empirical evidence suggests (although by no means definitive) that by projecting a quarterback's starts and completion percentage (46 starts at 58%) in college, it would seem Quinn could turn into a decent starter (though not a star). On the flip side, DeMarcus Russell managed 36 starts, dangerously close to the edge of other busts in recent years.
  12. The Cowboys would be better served keeping Crayton as their no.3 receiver, rather than replacing him with Keyshawn. I liked KJ while he was here, but he'd take up a roster spot and wouldn't see much playing time as a no.4 in this offense. To top that off, he doesn't play ST. These numbers indicate that Crayton is far more valuable in helping his team score points (at this stage in his career): Crayton - 17.3 PAR (Points Above Replacement), 75% Catch Ratio Johnson - 9.1 PAR, 55% Catch Ratio
  13. Way I heard it was that it wasn't the 4th rounder that gave Green Bay pause, it was that he wouldn't restructure his deal. He had no problem doing that with NE.
  14. If I were a fan of Miami, I'd be excited we landed Beck :yay: Of course, I would be flogging the nearest stuffed dolphin over drafting Ginn that high. If they liked him that much, they still could have traded down to do it, and used Quinn the way the Cowboys did.
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