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  1. My early picks: (really too early to get a good feel for it) 1) Marshall 2) Whitehouse 3) Nacogdoches 4) Hallsville 5) Kilgore 6) Pine Tree 7) Jacksonville 8) Henderson
  2. Bobcat 1st team Def. vs Lobo 1st team Off. was decent. Bobcat 2nd team Def. vs Lobo 2nd team Off was like hot knife thru warm butter.
  3. Bill is better than a good coach, he is one of the very best coaches. He may not be a Lombardi, Landry, Shula, Walsh... but he is every bit as good as Jimmy Johnson, (who is responsible for bringing 2 SB Vics to Dallas (3 if you count the one Switzer watched happen with Jimmy's boys after Jimmy left) Parcells has put together a very good team.. Sure hope it all comes together this post season. Looks like he has the Boyz clicking to me.
  4. No one gets a "clean slate" especially someone with the past issues T.O. has. T.O. reminds me of a character that used to haunt the NBA... D.Rod... Very athletic, specialist that needs a strong cast around him to bloom. Put one of these characters on team that has a weak coach or a crisis of leadership and they will not work out. Put them in a situation stable enough to withstand their #### and they will be able to bring some very real positives to the table.
  5. Hey, I am one of those early doubters... The first time I began to realized how much we were under-estimating WH was when they completely dismantled Jacksonville one week after the Indians had beaten Marshall. You can't really blame us.. it has been a long time coming! I am a believer now! I have been pulling for the Wildcats in the playoffs and I hope they take down Waco and don't look back till they run bring home the gold. Go Wildcats.. 12-4A all the way!!
  6. I'll be "watching" the game through you RJ, I intended to be at the game but was prevented from doing so for family reasons. I made it to the TH v HP game. Good luck.. we are pulling for you over here in Bobcat land.
  7. I was at the TH v HP game and it was a great performance by a very talented and well coached TH team. All the BS about needing a stadium that will seat 20,000 is just that... BS... There were about 8,000 on the TH side and no more than 5,000 on the HP side (this is being generous). There would have been plenty of room in Rose. HP just wanted to play in the Metroplex. This is what all the whining amounted to. Congrats to TH on a great showing in both fan support and in performance on the field!!
  8. Does Romo "Have it" ??? I love the way Romo plays, (or at least the way he has been playing) I bleed Silver and Blue .. I watched the "Ice Bowl" and cried, I saw the Colts kick a field goal to go up 16-13 in SB V, and I have an autographed picture of Roger Staubach from when he visited Longview Sears in about 1970ish, right before he led the '71-'72 Pokes to victory over the Dolphins in SB VI, and have been in pain when the Steelers took SB X and SB XIII, and when they went 1-13 before Jones, Johnson, Aikman, Smith & Irvin, and endured Switzer, Gailey, Campo, Carter, Testiverde &am
  9. RJ Thanks for the play by play during the game. I was unable to attend and I was not able to get a good enough internet connection to listen. My dad and I sat at the computer and watched every post as you made them. We did'nt care to much for the fact that your team was better than ours but we were glad you took the time to keep us posted. We hope to attend as many of NL playoff games as possible as you continue to represent East Texas in the following weeks. Good luck and see you at the games.
  10. Plano used to be thought of in those terms by many. Huge enrollment lots of wins for lots of years.
  11. Oh, it will pass... sure stirred up a lot of sentiment though... got some folks blood pressure up I think :whome:
  12. There are still several of his family around but I don't know any of the young people's names. If one starts showing promise that is part of the Newhouse clan, you can bet it will get some mention.
  13. Size isn't everything :saint: But it does matter :whistle: No one seems to agree with me on this but I think two much is made of this "diluted" issue. Like MavChamp said. After a week of playoffs, two at most all the weak teams are gone anyway. In the mean time some very deserving teams from talent rich districts get in. I'd like to see half the teams in Texas make the playoffs. I do agree that a district champ should get a bye week. I also like the idea of a playoff between the two divisions at the end.
  14. Fry is my pick... He's an exciting player to watch. Hallsville has had very few real good QBs, He's a good one. We had a kid name Dilliard in "99 that was real fast and smart, ran the option well and had a power runner named Brown he could fake to. But Dilliard was very limited in the size and arm department. Looks like Attaway the Soph @ WH is going to be a good one. I look forward to watching how he handles the next 2 seasons. Marshall's Sneed and Clough are a great combo as well.. I don't know how old Sneed is but Clough is coming back next year I hear.
  15. That one subject has created more posts in less time than any other that I know of since I have been registered on SDC. I refuse to go there any more. But it still amuses me.
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