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  1. Texarkana Gameday appears to be different animal than Longview Gameday. The Texarkana Gameday is not school specific, but covers the four Texarkana schools and surrounding schools. I am not sure how the videography will be performed in Longview. When Texas High is covered, the students are running the cameras as part of the TigerVision program. For high school students, I feel they produce a quality product. The students gain real life experience and the fans were able to follow their school. In my opinion, the Texarkana Gameday product with student input exceed the NFHS product. Morgan Smith
  2. Texas High captured the Boys District Golf crown and are currently ranked 6th in the state.
  3. After 43 years, Eddie Reese, the UT swim coach retires after his team won their 15 National Championship. He retires at the age of 79. When he arrived at Texas in 1978, Texas was a mediocre team in the NCAA swim world. During his tenure his teams finished in the top 3 in the nation 34 times. He will assume the title “Coach Emeritus” and continue to assist the program. His last duty will be to coach the US men’s team at the Olympics.
  4. Smoaky, I know it is a thankless job to put a list out like this. I assume you look at the players nominated by their coaches for 1st team All District. I am not going to question your “Superlatives” or 1st/2nd team selections, as I don’t know the players. Many of these kids, who were voted on by coaches that saw them play and watched video, didn’t make honorable mention. I will say the one name I was looking for initially was Derrick Brown, a Junior from Texas High. He currently has 21 D1 offers based upon his performance last year. Here is the list of 9-5A players making 1st team in their d
  5. Surprised the number of 9-5A Div 2 1st team All-District players were not even Honorable Mention!
  6. His games are covered from time to time by Texarkana Game Day on FaceBook. He has signed with Kentucky.
  7. Congrats to the Tigershark and Dragon swimmers. For years Texarkana has dominated East Texas swimming. Nac appears to be closing the gap. It’s a tough sport for most schools to compete due to lack of facilities.
  8. Did not see our defense getting whipped like this. Dunn & Branch are a good backfield. Best of luck to Crosby going forward.
  9. My question is why the initial incident in soccer was not handled by the UIL last soccer season. I hope the assault of an official would be automatically elevated to the UIL. Did they fail in their duty? The kid should not have been allowed to participate in any UIL sport after the initial incident. Unless their was evidence the athletic programs routinely disrespected officials, I hate it that the kids had to pay for one. The athletic director and head coach that allowed him to play, they are the ones that should be punished.
  10. Are you trying to stir it up. On Smoaky you pick Crosby & on SETX you pick Texas High - LOL



      Hedging my bets.....lol

  11. Wrong .... I am giving a rationale why there are “bad” referees. It is basically a numbers game. If referees are not “up to standards”, but they are the “best” available, what are you going to do? Play with what you have available or play without officials. My point is I don’t think coaches understand they are part of the solution to the referee shortage, which results in substandard officials in many cases. They need to be recruiting individuals to enter officiating. I could be wrong, maybe the fans need to be recruiting individuals to be officials. Maybe, it’s the guy next to you in the stan
  12. The significant word in your sentence is “and”. Obviously, I have not seen Manvel. Their secondary may be better than Texas High’s. However, I doubt Crosby has seen a defensive line like the Tigers. I will welcome your view after the game. The strength of the Texas High defensive line are their two ends. Clayton Smith #10, a senior, is a 4* signee with OU. He is ranked by Rivals as #33 in the nation, #7 in the state, and #2 outside linebacker. Derrick Brown #41, a junior, is a projected as a mere 3* by Rivals in 2022. Rivals has just discovered Brown. He is currently ranked #59 in the 2022 c
  13. In my opinion the solution rests directly on the shoulders of the coaches. How many coaches pull the even tempered seniors aside after their playing careers are over and suggest they can stay involved in the game by officiating? My guess is very few. They probably would not like the feedback they get rejecting their suggestion. “Coach, why would I want to get abused by you and the fans”. My observation is the offensive coordinator is in charge of the offense. The defensive coordinator is in charge of the defense. The Head Coach is in charge of managing the referees. Until coaches start managin
  14. My understanding is the coaches have a say in the chapter to call the game. If they can not agree, then they flip a coin. Gilder must have lost the coin flip. Sadly, I suspect there will only be a decline in the quality of officials. Not many people want to serve the game as officials.
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