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  1. This has been an increasing issue in the number of officials for at least ten years. Having been a high school official (not football) in the past, I lay the blame on TASO and the high school coaches. TASO in their training tell the officials to cut coaches slack. After all officials livelihood does not rely on game fees. It is a part-time gig. Coaches rely on their salaries for their livelihood. So Be reserved about situations that will cause them to have a hearing before the UIL and be sanctioned. Coaches can blackball officials from calling their games. In my opinion, some coaches use this
  2. Texarkana has had a difficult time in recent years to develop a district rivalries due to the biannual realignments where the school fluctuates between D1 & D2 and is placed in various districts with the eastern suburbs of Dallas or going south in East Texas. Their rival is Arkansas High which has more to do with the state pride on both sides of the stateline. The game has been lopsided the last 20 years, but it more of an event for the two cities. I hope the game continues.
  3. I was referring to his running.
  4. Why do I sense that you are setting us up for the death of the THS/AHS series. The decision must have already been made. In their respective divisions, PG has had more success. While I would agree with you in 2020 that THS had the better team, l think PG would have split the prior four years.
  5. Missed the 1st quarter, but it appears it was ugly. Second quarter the Forney QB was damaging the Tiger with hard running along with silly penalties. I was happy to see the adjustments made a half time to shutdown Forney. While coaches usually like a bye week heading into district, I think if the Tigers can find a game next week it would be in their best interest.
  6. Yes and no ….. there are schools in the metro areas that are small 6A or large 5A schools that would have a difficult time competing in the East Texas 4A districts. In those schools, the number of kids coming out for football is limited. I suspect that Carthage has a higher percentage of males participating in the football program and they can “compete” with anyone in 5A Division 2. I suspect they are similar in size to Arkansas High. The number of kids in a program gives the coach more choices and depth. I do not know how Arkansas High’s football numbers are, but suspect they are much smalle
  7. I have no problem with kids celebrating with high fives with each other as they are moving toward their bench. I disagree with planned celebrations or anything that demeans the opponent. However, my biggest pet peeve is players refusing to congratulate their opponents after a loss. As a coach, the kid would run gassers after their next practice and sit out the next game.
  8. It depends on the quality of education at the public school districts. There are some excellent private schools in Dallas. I would agree with you on these private athletics first schools popping up, but many of those are public charters.
  9. Ohio is like Louisiana where private and public schools play together. The better teams in Ohio are usually private Catholic schools that have “Bishop” in their name. ESPN apparently could get past the first name of the school. Someone in programming is now gainfully employed in the food service industry.
  10. Texas High v Arkansas High 9-3 cancelled ….. you will have to call Arkansas School District for an explanation because it wasn’t Texas High.
  11. I think T-High fans probably are okay about Friday night. The defense held Tyler in check. The offensive line line had issues with false starts, which I feel the staff will correct. The penalties killed a number of drives and kept the score respectable. Hopefully they find a game this week to work out the kinks even if that means a semi-pro team like IMG.
  12. Spent the evening with a spinning disc. Finally at 11pm, I saw scores. Had to revert to ScoreStream. Not the best app, but I got scores.
  13. No problem with anyone supporting their team. Way it should be. I prefer for the most part to refrain from forecasting a victor. These kids are young, often immature, and I have no idea who’s girlfriend dumped them during the week. Also, this was the first game and the team chemistry changes from year to year. That being said, I will forecast the Tigers will lose out to COVID this week.
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