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  1. Herman and all collegiate coaches need to get a grip on this “player demands or won’t participate” situation. Programs should not be held hostage by players. The players need to understand less than 7% of the FBS football players will drafted and even less will stick with a team. If Overshown doesn’t play, his chances of playing professional football are greatly diminished. My suggestion he takes advantage of getting a quality education at one of the top rated universities in the nation. In looking at his UT bio, I fear he doesn’t realize what opportunity he has available (Major: Undeclared). If he truly feels UT is a racist university, he needs to enter the transfer portal. If he wants to stay, Herman should make him run the stands at DKR for creating a distraction for the program.
  2. Texarkana Gameday does an excellent job no doubt. But they do not have the resources to simultaneously broadcast four schools (remember Arkansas High). I would suggest Tigervision probably has equipment including mobile equipment trucks. The program is nationally recognized with a seasoned advisor. In my opinion, it is a natural extension of the student program and it will be high quality. I would be concerned with student announcers.
  3. I would not be surprised to see Texas High have student produced production with adult announcers (suggest Chuck Zach & Tony Kirk). Their Tigervision already produces recruiting films.
  4. Not in this Boomer’s lifetime. Mission had Koy Detmer at QB. He may be the best QB in the state, but putting together a complete team is doubtful.
  5. From what I can see, a lot of UT issues are coming out of the Office of Diversity. I thought the purpose was to celebrate differences and not to create division. But I am an “OK Boomer“ that was taught the United States was a melting pot of cultures. Unfortunately we have put society in a centrifuge and banded out our differences.
  6. As I said on another thread, coming to a university near you!
  7. Back story https://www.burntorangenation.com/2020/6/12/21289783/eyes-of-texas-alma-mater-racist-history-texas-longhorns
  8. What bothers me in this “sanitizing chaos” society we live, songs such as “Eyes of Texas” are sung with school pride in the context of 2020 and not 1900. I have never once sung the fight song with any thought of malice toward a segment of our population. When you pick asinine battles such as this, you create racial divides rather than heal them.
  9. Just say no! I propose the Regents remove all statutes from the University to solve the problem.
  10. This is madness! Who in the hell knew the origins of “The Eyes of Texas”, before someone told them that Texas was substituted for South? I would rather play with Walk ons in all sports than change the school song.
  11. It is still a huge rivalry despite the lopsided number of wins in recent years by T-High. Arkansas High would be a large 4A in Texas, while Texas High is midsized 5A school. Texas High is almost twice the size of Arkansas High. Bedlam in the city is more sedate than in the past. However it is not a rivalry of two schools, it is a rivalry of two states represented in their school names. In recent years, the move of Barry Norton to Arkansas High has given the game some additional emphasis.
  12. Hate it. Nice pickup for the Sooners. Hopefully he will have a senior season.
  13. Texas High girls have GREENVILLE remaining. They best SS.
  14. Only thing worse is late night television. Watched Jimmy Fallon do a monologue before an empty studio and it was painful. Friday was a rerun and understand all late night is reruns for next two weeks.
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