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  1. Mavchamp .. it goes without saying, we appreciate the effort you put in to make this an informative thread.
  2. The best WR I’ve watched this year on an opposing team. He reminded me of Clayton Smith (#10) on THS. While Smith is a DE, he could easily be a WR. Both are tall and difficult to tackle.
  3. Texas High 42 Mount Pleasant 24. Texas High capitalized on two turnovers which was the difference. MP played hard. McCumby (sp?) is a dangerous WR for MP.
  4. I agree with THSFanatic’s assessment of the non-rivalry between Texas High and Mt Pleasant. The only reason I can surmise is it’s the battle of the Tigers and they are our closest district opponent. I would submit the game Tiger fans look as their “District Rival” is Marshall. I can only speak to the late 90s to current, but in most years their games have been the mostly competitive. In Texarkana travel speak, Marshall really isn’t much further than Mt Pleasant.
  5. In Team Tennis News, Texas High defeated a good Longview team 10-4 to win their umpty umpteenth district title. Best of luck to both the Tigers and the Lobos in the playoffs.
  6. Yes, it did happen. I can’t tell you the year, but it was around 2005+/-. Texas High was a beast team. If Whitehouse won there game, Texas High would be their playoff opponent. They “rested” their starters and lost .... problem solved. Whitehouse’s reputation took a big hit. I agree, it was the coaches decision and not the kids. But as long as that coach was at Whitehouse, the school had no respect on this board. I have never attended a game a Whitehouse, so I offer no opinion of their “attitude”.
  7. He had 5 receptions with 3 for tds. McHenry threw 5 TD passes and was 23-29 for 368 yards. Total offense was 580 yards. Defense held Forney to 114 yards. Granted Forney isn’t Ennis, but it was encouraging on both sides of the ball.
  8. Texas High changed QBs successfully against Forney. McHenry assumed the QB role and Cellers moved to WR. In my opinion, the move was best for both players. McHenry throws a better pass but not the threat Cellers is scrambling. But Cellers may be more dangerous now for opponents catching the ball in the open field. The two combined for several touchdowns against Forney.
  9. I think you have to give everyone a pass on the schedule this year with the delay of the start of the 5A season. Some matchups envisioned in February could not be played and teams had to scramble to get 10 games. Texas High actually improved their schedule dropping Arkansas High and picking up Denison. But it is sad they couple not play their rival game.
  10. I think North graduated a lot from last year including their QB. Their mode of operation last year seemed to be “we are going to out score you”. Get ready for a high scoring track meet. Good luck to the Mavs.
  11. I agree 100%. My observation is McHenry throws a better ball and Cellers is very elusive. The receivers seem to have the dropises. The way McHenry has handled the offense, I would have him start and put Cellers as a WR. Coach Harrell has developed an offensive line that can control the line of scrimmage for both the run and pass (a weakness in recent years). While Clayton Smith gets the attention on defense, the entire defensive line causes havoc. Hopefully Stewart (RB) was not hurt too bad from his collision with the stands which appeared to me was the result of unnecessary roughness.
  12. Texas High 24 Denison 3. - Close game in the first half with Tiger up 10-0 at half. Second half Tigers just wore them down. Yellowjackets will remember Clayton Smith who shut down their passing game with a number of sacks and continual pressure. Overall a good team effort and the score does not reflect the dominance.
  13. Denison will be a good test for Texas High. We obviously don’t hear the chatter about the Yellow Jackets, but hear the pundits extolling the strengths of the Tigers. Based on Denison’s trashing of Sherman, I expect a close game. I am going for Texas High for two reasons. The first is Denison has a 2:40 bus ride and second I am a homer.
  14. Ditto. I would like to see the receivers be a bit more consistent. Hopefully it is just an adjustment in the timing from practice to game Speed. Do like we are 2 deep at the QB position.
  15. My hope is with PG but I can never bet against a Scott Surratt coached team. Carthage!
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