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  1. I give Texas High the edge base on last year’s game without Cellars playing QB. Texas High appears to have solid line play on both sides of the ball. Longview scrimmage showed we have a talented backup QB and good running backs. Game is in Tyler so the bus ride could have an impact.
  2. After watching the scrimmage both teams appeared to be evenly matched. Impressed with Tiger’s backup QB. Good luck to Lobos going forward.
  3. He picked the wrong school to get a scholarship as a WR. He would not get many opportunities to catch a pass.
  4. https://www.txkgameday.com/ click on Facebook or YouTube to access game live stream
  5. Nice win by PG. Freshman RB shined and QB handled the offense nicely in his first start. I am sure PG wished to have more competitive game, but Nashville historically can compete with Texas 4A schools. Noted a couple of PG’s RBs were banged up. Hopefully they are good to go next week.
  6. The Milwaukee Bucks decide not to play their Game 5 against the Orlando Magic in protest of the shooting of James Blake. It will be interesting how the Commissioner and the NBA owners respond. Have the players crossed the line? Will Milwaukee forfeit the game? Were the actions of the players detrimental to the NBA (my opinion - yes)? Will the Commissioner fine the players up to $50,000 each as he has authority? Will be interesting to see what happens in the next game. In my opinion, the commissioner must act quickly in this matter.
  7. They would be happier in Conference USA. Last I checked Texas is still in Big 12, which is problematic to their pride. My comments above were tongue in cheek. The real issue is what do they monetarily bring to the Big 12? ND brought a NBC contract to share with ACC schools. If the Big 12 shutdown, Texas has the LHN to offer. Given restrictions on stadium capacity, the gate Nebraska would bring is nominal. The only school that probably wouldn’t dilute the revenue pool is BYU.
  8. I have not heard of any Bowl games being cancelled yet. Assuming conferences all go to conference games only, wonder it the minimum number of wins will change. Currently teams appear to be playing approximately 10 games. Getting 6 wins will be difficult and conferences that are not balanced might not have enough teams that qualify for Bowl consideration.
  9. Good list. Wish they added 3 starting pitchers, a relief pitcher (Houston Street), and a DH. I would have Moreland at third.
  10. Texas High picks up a scrimmage on 9/18 with Longview and fills week #2 with Denison (previously Arkansas High).
  11. District 9-5A just needs to plan on playing 7 district games and forget non-district games. It would allow “ make-up” dates if play is suspended and have a better chance to having district playoff representives. Seems too late to schedule no district games in East Texas as many of those opponents are 4A.
  12. Hell, I didn’t know Earl Campbell was black.....I just thought he was a Longhorn.
  13. At the time states believed they had right to Secede from the United States. This view was held not only by southern states, but also some northern states. Thirteen southern states chose to secede and form the Confederate States of America. It was Lincoln that declared war on the Confederate States of America to preserve the Union. The issue as to whether a state could secede from the United States was not decided by the Supreme Court until 1869. The leaders of the Confederacy were NOT found guilty treason. Therefore those that fought on the side of the Confederacy were not committing treason
  14. Herman and all collegiate coaches need to get a grip on this “player demands or won’t participate” situation. Programs should not be held hostage by players. The players need to understand less than 7% of the FBS football players will drafted and even less will stick with a team. If Overshown doesn’t play, his chances of playing professional football are greatly diminished. My suggestion he takes advantage of getting a quality education at one of the top rated universities in the nation. In looking at his UT bio, I fear he doesn’t realize what opportunity he has available (Major: Undeclared).
  15. Texarkana Gameday does an excellent job no doubt. But they do not have the resources to simultaneously broadcast four schools (remember Arkansas High). I would suggest Tigervision probably has equipment including mobile equipment trucks. The program is nationally recognized with a seasoned advisor. In my opinion, it is a natural extension of the student program and it will be high quality. I would be concerned with student announcers.
  16. I would not be surprised to see Texas High have student produced production with adult announcers (suggest Chuck Zach & Tony Kirk). Their Tigervision already produces recruiting films.
  17. Not in this Boomer’s lifetime. Mission had Koy Detmer at QB. He may be the best QB in the state, but putting together a complete team is doubtful.
  18. From what I can see, a lot of UT issues are coming out of the Office of Diversity. I thought the purpose was to celebrate differences and not to create division. But I am an “OK Boomer“ that was taught the United States was a melting pot of cultures. Unfortunately we have put society in a centrifuge and banded out our differences.
  19. As I said on another thread, coming to a university near you!
  20. Back story https://www.burntorangenation.com/2020/6/12/21289783/eyes-of-texas-alma-mater-racist-history-texas-longhorns
  21. What bothers me in this “sanitizing chaos” society we live, songs such as “Eyes of Texas” are sung with school pride in the context of 2020 and not 1900. I have never once sung the fight song with any thought of malice toward a segment of our population. When you pick asinine battles such as this, you create racial divides rather than heal them.
  22. Just say no! I propose the Regents remove all statutes from the University to solve the problem.
  23. This is madness! Who in the hell knew the origins of “The Eyes of Texas”, before someone told them that Texas was substituted for South? I would rather play with Walk ons in all sports than change the school song.
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