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  1. It is still a huge rivalry despite the lopsided number of wins in recent years by T-High. Arkansas High would be a large 4A in Texas, while Texas High is midsized 5A school. Texas High is almost twice the size of Arkansas High. Bedlam in the city is more sedate than in the past. However it is not a rivalry of two schools, it is a rivalry of two states represented in their school names. In recent years, the move of Barry Norton to Arkansas High has given the game some additional emphasis.
  2. Hate it. Nice pickup for the Sooners. Hopefully he will have a senior season.
  3. Only thing worse is late night television. Watched Jimmy Fallon do a monologue before an empty studio and it was painful. Friday was a rerun and understand all late night is reruns for next two weeks.
  4. It does feel like the 2001 ice storm and there was was a spike in births.
  5. What does a sports writer/broadcaster do in these barren times?
  6. Girls Soccer Texas High 2 Sulphur Springs 0 (OT) Baseball Texas High 3 Greenville 1
  7. Must have agreed on a neutral gym and flipped between Jefferson and Atlanta. I agree if it was a coin toss, should have been home and home. The
  8. Johnny Green, who retired as the Texarkana Gazette Sports Director, passed Tuesday. Under his leadership, the Gazette had a very good local sports section. They not only covered the four Texarkana high schools, but also area schools in Northeast Texas and Southwest Arkansas. His primary beat was Texas High. RIP Mr. Green.
  9. Winner - Texas High, out of Dallas district to closer competition and in an 8 team district making pre-district scheduling easier. Loser - 5A Div II District 10 if Texas High finishes in top 2 in district 9. Texas High if they finish outside top 2 in District 9.
  10. Glad with T-High’s district placement, but not sure with Region III. There will be a huge incentive to finish in the top 2. It is a long bus ride to Rosenberg. Round 2 neutral sites will be interesting.
  11. If I were Mitch McConnell, I would start scheduling legislation in January and take the trial off the books. The closer it gets to Super Tuesday, it hurts the Democratic senators running for President. As the Democrats believe, every day Trump is in office he is conspiring with foreign powers to interfere in the 2020 election.
  12. Waco University heads down I-35 to northern Austin suburbs.
  13. It’s Prosper Rock Hill. Prosper is 6A. Where have all the wheat fields gone?
  14. My prediction of District 5 to 9. District 5 Aledo Arlington Seguin Burleson Corsicana Crandall Ennis Everman Joshua District 6 Dallas Adamson Dallas Conrad Dallas Hillcrest Dallas Jefferson Dallas Kimball Dallas Seagoville Dallas South Oak Cliff Dallas Spruce District 7 Carolltown Creekview Denison Frisco Frisco Lebanon Trail Frisco Memorial Lake Dallas Lucas Lovejoy Prosper Rock Hill District 8 Forney Greenville Mesquite Pote
  15. Winner - Highland Park - the “HP 5A Cutoff” lives another realignment.
  16. Boy makes the UT loss to LSU looks pale in comparison. Poor season for both schools.
  17. Texas and A&M have historically been connected to each other. But one school unilaterally decided it was in their best interest to terminate the relationship. A&M’s new rival is LSU and Texas still has its rivalry with OU. Baylor, TCU, & Tech all view Texas as their rival (even though that view is not reciprocated). It is nice they get to play Texas during rivalry week. My only suggestion is the game should be played in Austin on a biennial basis.
  18. Texas High needs to be in an 8 team district for scheduling purposes.
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