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  1. Do you know who we have the first 4 weeks
  2. Utah Oklahoma App State Central Michigan FAU Memphis LSU Boise State Clemson Ohio State *Tiebreaker: Ohio State total points. 33
  3. Mississippi State Texas Iowa Washington TCU Ohio State Alabama Wisconsin LSU Arizona State *Tiebreaker: A&M-LSU total points 65
  4. NC State Cal Ohio State Oklahoma State Georgia Texas SMU Nebraska Texas Tech Temple *Tiebreaker: A&M-Georgia point differential 17
  5. USC Michigan TCU Notre Dame Georgia Virginia Tech Texas Minnesota Arizona State Baylor *Tiebreaker: OU - Baylor Total points 71
  6. Temple Penn State Baylor Texas Tech Purdue Alabama Texas USC Wisconsin Washington State *Tiebreaker: LSU-Alabama point differential 5
  7. Nebraska North Carolina Georgia Wake Forest Miami Oklahoma State Utah Pittsburgh Memphis Oregon *Tiebreaker: Georgia-Florida total points 56
  8. Joaquin is in, winner of Harleton- Garrison in for sure, after that who knows
  9. SMU Ohio State Iowa Mississippi State LSU Penn State Texas Oklahoma State Arizona Notre Dame *Tiebreaker: Wisc-Ohio State total points 66
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