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  1. Huge pick up. He's an early enrollee too. A&M not has top ranked players from the states if Arizona, Texas, and Louisiana. Huge!!
  2. It's about to get worse for baylor. Top recruits davion hall and possibly KD canon could switch commitments to A&M.
  3. I've been saying that for 2 years. Just wait until the sugar bowl sodimization happens.
  4. I thought a&ms defense stunk. Thanks for the uplift baylor!
  5. Looks like Briles has his mind elsewhere tonight....
  6. Gruden took over a Tampa Bay team they Tony Dungy built. It went downhill after that first year.
  7. They didn't say the best team in texas. The announcer said THE team in texas. And he was right. And if baylor and a&m played the score would be 65-64 either way. Baylor would have no chance of stopping A&M either.
  8. I have pretty good faith that our defense will improve next year. We won't be starting a WR at LB and all those freshmen LBs and DL will put on some much needed weight. Plus Myles Garrett will be on campus. That guy will be a player and looks to be ready to play right now.
  9. Depending on how this recruiting class ends up, I think we can win more. Our I-line will be solid next year again, and our RBs should cary the team. I think we should win 10 games next year. You never really know, though. Look at auburn this year. Please excuse my spelling ;). And happy new year everyone!
  10. Top 20 ( good chance at 15) finish and top 10 (good chance at 5) recruiting class. A&M started off over ranked this year. I will admit that. Defense was not ready. But look at the games we lost. We were more than competitive in every game except lsu. Just needed more developed depth on defense. Can't mess up that Afro! Lol
  11. Our offense will be totally different without Johnny. You'll see a lot more RB involvement and quick routes. Kenny Hill has ran a similar offense his entire career at South lake and will be a great replacement. Nobody will ever fully replace Johnny though. Once in a lifetime player that energized a&ms program and really fast forwarded the programs development.
  12. I wonder if Johnny moved up any draft boards tonight?
  13. I posted at the very beginning of the season that our defense wasn't good enough to win it all this year. We were more talented in certain positions but were too young on defense. I think I told Lobo at the beginning of the year that next year or 2015 were when A&M would really compete.
  14. Duke played in the ACC championship game. They have a fantastic coaching staff. It was a good win. Especially since they came in and punched us in the mouth the first half.
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